The Game of Jenga

Aug 05 , 2018

The Game of Jenga

Jenga is a game of physical and mental skill for both children and adults.

Built on the simple premise of stacking blocks, this game engages players of all ages, across all cultures. Jenga’s success rests on its solid play value. Players take turns to remove a block from a tower and balance it on top, creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses.

Benefits of  Jenga include:

  • Fine Motor Dexterity
  • Motor Planning
  • Nonverbal Reasoning
  • Strategy and problem-solving
  • Requires responsive thinking

How to play the game of Jenga:

A classic game consists of 54 precision-crafted, specially finished hard wood blocks. To set up the game, use the included loading tray to create the initial tower. Stack all of the blocks in levels of three placed next to each other along their long sides and at a right angle to the previous level. Then proceed in taking one block on a turn from any level of the tower and then placing it on the topmost level in order to complete it. The game ends when the tower falls -completely or if any block falls from the tower.

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