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Share a picture of the cake from your child’s last birthday party

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Share a picture of the cake from your child’s last birthday party with a fun explanation and you may just get featured in the blog on the 4aKid website 

Theshnee Reddy
So last year, my son had a fascination with spongebob (he is two) and I downloaded a pic of a spongebob cake and tried to replicate it.. Unfortunately I did not have the correct tools so I just used a new set of paint brushes that I had bought for my painting.. He was shocked and excited lol..
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Theshnee Reddy 

I made this for my second son who loves dinosaurs and is always watching jurassic Park.. He literally pulled the dinos from the cake and was playing with them.. Messing the whole table with cake and icing lol

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Safiyyah Malim
This was for sons 4th birthday, he is fascinated with planes and can’t understand how they fly so high and the views. He asked for a airplane cake that had planes which he could play with afterwards
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Zaldha Hennessy
So 2018 was a year full of big life decisions and a lot of change for us as a family. With just having moved from KZN to JHB a couple of days before our little Eli’s 5th birthday and seeing as his cousin’s birthday is only 2 days ahead of his, we decided to combine their special days to make it double the fun. We all had a super out of this world fun space day celebrating with family. Hubby and I make all our cakes for special occasions ourselves from scratch . One of our greatest passions.
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Pamela Arenson
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Carusha Carin Sookdeo 
My little girl wanted a Barbie and Elsa cake so I had to try and combine the two. It was my first try baking a birthday cake. When she saw the cake, the look on her face was priceless
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Natalie Glitterflip
She wanted a cake like the one I made for her Oupa’s birthday. She was missing them as they couldn’t come to attend her birthday
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Heidi van Eden 
My son was obsessed with pirates
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Fatima Campbell 
My daughters’ 11th bday party was on Saturday at the ice rink.the kids had so much fun,the mommies say its all they r talking about  eventhough they all were wet from falling down lol
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Denise Nair Naidoo 
Nothing fancy
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Tarryn Sol 
For 3 weeks leading up to her birthday she asked for a cat cake. So I made the cake, had all the necessary decorations to put on to of the cake. All the right food colouring. The morning of icing the cake I said ‘let’s ice your kitty cake’. Everything ready to go but she vigorously shook her head no. She now wanted a duck. So a last minute scramble and here it is
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Cherie Machet 
Made my little girl an lol doll cake
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Maritza Scheepers 
Ons seun wou laasjaar met sy 8ste verjaarsdag party ‘n tank koek gehad het. Dit was te duur om een te laat maak, so toe besluit ek en pappa ons gaan een probeer self maak. Ek het die bak werk gedoen en pappa het die versier werk gedoen. #teamscheepers #greatdaddyMarius Scheepers
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Judele Singh 
My son is a cars fanatic…. He is into real cars like Mustang and Ferrari but what better way to celebrate a 6 year olds birthday then with lighting McQueen!
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Candice De Jager
My son’s paw partol cake. He loves paw patrol and kitkat is his favourite chocolate so I made him this cake that gave him the best of both!
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Candice De Jager 
My daughter’s unicorn cake. She loves unicorns sooo much. I had fun making this one. It had rainbow layers inside.
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Nerina Aniruth
My son loves Ben and Holly. He has watched every episode so far so naturally he asked for a Ben and Holly Cake.
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Jillerti van Wyk 
My sons passions – Dogs especially his pet Boston terrier Chiquita and Donuts! So I had to diy him a Boston donut cake!
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Joleen Manuel
Sister baked the cake ,I baked some banana cupcakes
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Chantell Roberts
My little girl of 9 wanted a kit Kat cake. So I made here a piggy bath kit Kat cake. She loved it.
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Candy Lee Maddocks
My babys 8th birthday was unicorns. 
As you can imagine pinterest was used and it failed me terribly! Icing was thrown, temper tantrums were had and the unicorn almost became friends with the floor! HOWEVER it tasted amazing and baby girl was happy!!
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Bianca van Deventer 
My daughter loves Lollos. So for her 3rd bday she got her Lollos cake. She loved it and omg best cake ever.
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Candice Phipps 
My son’s construction cake for his first birthday….
He just wanted to play with the trucks
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Simone Laubscher
Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn….then always be a unicorn!
🦄 My Daughter’s first birth date celebration. 🦄
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Jacki Dorey Jacobs 
Hi5 emoji cake for my youngest who turned 5. My eldest didn’t want a cake for his birthday because he just wanted to braai.
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Christel Obery 
everything must be green (being favorite colour you see) …. so this was green aliens 
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Taniel Burton
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Shireen Naidoo 
My daughter turned 16.
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Yolande Matheson
Soccer cake for my soccer mad 6 year old.
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Chantal van Blerk 
My daughter Kendras 6th birthday cake, a monster cake made by MasterChef SA Roxi Wardman
Roxi Wardman MaClou
No photo description available.
Fern Brasem 
Made This past weekend … My 7 year old daughter chose a green slug cake inside was green velvet and vanilla with chocolate icing!! No idea why she chose this but she was adamant!! Made by me 
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Chantal van Blerk Then this was also my daughters cake but for on her actaual birthday not party made by the awesome Akshi Rajbansi from Kreamy Kreations 
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Fern Brasem
For my book loving daughter on her 9th birthday in Sept I made her a book cake called the Adventures of Kyra Bookworm and it had pictures of her reading since she was a baby 
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Belinda Ras Malan
Ava had a princess pirate party for her 6th birthday
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Danéle Wienand 
Today’s school party, turned 4 on Sunday.
Scooby doo, be cool  as scooby doo
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Xanthe Baars Mattheys
My daughter is Barbie crazy. For her third birthday, I made her this one. Carrot cake and chocolate cake. She ignored the cake part and ate all the little flowers.
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Miranda Raaff 
“It was all worth it” – definitely what my 2 year old was thinking at this point of his bday party.
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Akshi Rajbansi 
My baby girl Thea turned 2. 
This cake was a symbol of my love to her, it was made for her by me, the cake rotated symbolic to how our world revolves around her….
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Natisha Maharaj
My girls 6th birthday party…
Loves mickey mouse but is convinced shes a princess so she will hv a minnie mouse theme instead..
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Lallie Gounden
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Lallie Gounden
Both cakes for special children
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Maryanne Vinal Naidoo 
Black Panther vibes for a 5th birthday
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Paige Gabriella Timms 
My sons gorgeous 3rd birthday wild animal cake. Done by Mixies Cake Deco Dbn 
He roared at everyone like a lion when they sang for him! 
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Tasmia Kivashni Ramjan 
Peter Rabbit themed cake for my son’s 3rd birthday by Famz Fairy Sprinkles
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Johnathan Nair
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Chiyo Florren 
Her first
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Mixies Cake Deco Dbn 
This was my sons 5th birthday cake in January. Made by me (Mixies Cake Deco Dbn) He absolutely LOVED it! And I was so chuffed that it worked out!

Darlene Joumar Perumal 
My sons first birthday we chose emoji theme symbolizing his moods with the teething.
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Keshia Jade Singh 
Made it myself for my princess
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Berchelle Nieuwoudt 
Daughter’s 7th birthday cake. Crazy emoji just as crazy as she is!
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Berchelle Nieuwoudt 
Also made cupcakes with sweets for class for her 7th birthday celebrations

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