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Save Dozens Of Hours Spent On SEO. Over 20 tools under one roof for any imaginable SEO task.

How to Choose The Right Keywords for SEO and PPC

Save Dozens Of Hours Spent On SEO. Over 20 tools under one roof for any imaginable SEO task. 

Save Dozens Of Hours Spent On SEO. Over 20 tools under one roof for any imaginable SEO task. 

One suite to complete the entire SEO workflow

1. Find & fix on-page/off-page problems

Site Audit

Check your website for over 50 technical issues & warnings in a flash and get actionable tips on how to fix them.

Backlink Audit

Detect and get rid of toxic backlinks to avoid search engine penalties.

On Page SEO Checker

Get info about all the issues found on the webpages you want to optimize.

2. Evaluate yourself against competitors

Gap Analysis

Perform a deep competitive analysis by comparing up to 5 domains, observe their common and unique keywords, see their positions in paid/organic/PLA search results and get a clear visualized data.

Competitors Discovery Report

Discover your rivals and see which keywords bring them most traffic.

On Page SEO Checker

Analyze the top 10 websites ranking for the keywords you're targeting.

3. Identify opportunities for growth

On Page SEO Checker

Get a list of tailored insights on how to get a higher rank in search results: websites to earn backlinks from, semantically related keywords to add to your keyword list, pages to optimize, etc.

Organic Traffic Insights

Unlock “not provided” keywords, see how much traffic they brought to your websites and identify the pages that are already ranking well to focus on their optimization.

Backlinks Checker

Track all the pages linking to a website or URL. Analyze these backlinks in terms of referring websites & IPs, domains, anchors, side by side comparison, etc.

4. Enrich your keyword list

Keyword Magic

Get up to 1 million keyword ideas and build long tail keywords using the keyword grouping feature. Sort and filter keywords by search volume, keyword difficulty, competitive density and SERP features. Create up to 50 target keyword lists for each individual client, website, etc.

Phrase Match Report

Get a list of extended keyword variations containing your target query in order to boost your keyword research.

Related Keywords Report

Discover search terms and phrases semantically related to your target keywords, including synonyms, misspellings, acronyms, abbreviations, singular and plural forms in order to rank for more search queries.

Gap Analysis

Identify the keywords your competitors are ranking for which you are still missing.

5. Create content

SEO Content Template

Create optimized SEO content based on top 10 ranking pages for the keywords you want to target. Get recommendations on semantically related words, readability, text length, keyword usage in meta tags, etc.

6. Track and report your results

Position Tracking

Monitor your position in the SERP of any location and compare yourself against competitors. Manage large groups of keywords by adding tags and view keyword rankings as they appear on different devices.

My Reports

Build amazing reports, drag and drop SEMrush data widgets in a matter of one click. Manage your reports in one place with convenient sorting, edit them and get quick access to any report.


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Automate your SEO and get:

  • High positions for your most important keywords
  • Sustainable traffic growth
  • Customizable and friendly reports
SEMrush is recognized as the best SEO tool in Europe, USA, and UK according to Search Awards. It is also the best SEO suite in Germany according to SEMY Awards.

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