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Busy Bee's Flower Friends

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Busy bee visited the beautiful pink poppy flower. Poppy has four pink petals. She requested for nectar and offered Poppy to help her. Poppy flower told her to carry some pollen to other flowers for generating seeds! Busy bee carried the pollen from one poppy flower and searching for another poppy flower. Help her to find the poppy flower to feed the pollen.

Next, Busy bee went to a daisy flower. Daisy flowers are beautiful white flowers and have more than 10 petals. Busy bee took nectar and pollen from Daisy and rushed to find another Daisy.

Can you identify the daisy flower for the busy bee?

Next, Busy bee met beautiful yellow daffodils. Daffodils are golden yellow flowers with six petals. Busy bee asked Daffodil some nectar and pollen to carry to another Daffodil.

Can you identify the daffodil from the group of flowers?

Then the Busy bee meets many flowers, collect the nectar and carry the pollen from one flower to another flower of the same group. Mallows, Bluebell, speedwells, butter cap and there were many flowers visited by the busy bee.

But later, Busy bee was confused with a five-petal yellow flower as two flowers differed in shapes. Can you help the busy bee?

After you see Busy bee carrying honey and pollen from each flower, you have a question to answer before you read further. It helps to know whether your child observed the story or not. After a visit to each flower, you should identify the flower that Busy Bee transferred the pollen. Each flower is crafted beautifully and clearly. The flowers are described by colours and number of petals they have.

The pictures are just so colourful and very simple! Made from pencil sketches, these amazing pictures are easy to replicate. You can motivate your child to replicate the pictures. So, with these simple learning elements, your child can learn to count and identify different colours, the names of flowers.

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