Child Safety Is Every Parent's and Guardian's Responsibility

Child Safety Is Every Parent's and Guardian's Responsibility - 4aKid

Many people think that child safety does not need to be worked on or something that can be done in just a matter of clicks.  Child safety is every parent’s and guardian’s responsibility. 

It is a responsibility that demands as much attention and commitment as possible.  And it is for this reason specifically that the concept of child safety planning is considered.

On the most basic, child safety planning has something to do with setting the appropriate set of rules and guidelines that can be used to oversee your child and everything that surrounds him or her.  The set of rules and guidelines should be organized and structured according to the time and space needed for your child to act normally.  The planning is important as this will prepare you to act according to what is safe for your children.

However, child safety planning is not as easy as you may think.  It involves effort and time figuring out what would be best for your child’s safety.  And, it can’t be done easily without knowing the real condition or problem in the children’s environment.

A child may have problems that could be physical, mental, or emotional.  Whatever problem is plaguing the child leaving you worried, it is best to determine them as early as possible, which child care specialists suggest.

It is also important to be clear as to who you need to protect.  It could be your child or other children.  Note that minors tend to act according to what they will enjoy, without knowing if the situation will be best or safe for them or not.  It is exactly here where the responsibility of parents for child safety comes in.  The parents are then needed to supervise their children in the best way possible, be it something related to changing behaviours or disciplining a child.

When planning for child safety, it is also a wise idea to pinpoint exactly when and how the problem occurs.  This, of course, may apply to those that are predictable.  Perhaps the best way to make this happen is to observe your child and monitor his or her actions.  In relation to this, it is great for every parent or guardian to determine who will be involved in the child safety plan.  Remember that when planning, there are some instances that you may need help from other responsible individuals.  Try to share your child safety plan with professional caregivers, or even with those babysitters who are just working short term.  You may be surprised as to how much great ideas they can contribute to making your child safety plan work.

Consider a time limit for your plan.  Ask yourself how long will the plan be in place and how often will you reassess it.   Do your best to make your child safety plan work.

There can only be too many rules and child safety tips but not a 100% chance of getting a child off any danger zone. Much as we want to keep our children safe 24 hours a day, we can only do as much as hope and pray. Let’s face it, even if we want to be at their sides every time the school bully shows up in front of them, there are times when they just have to learn to defend themselves. It does not really mean that you will be sending your cub out into the wild to look out for himself, but you are just letting him face reality. Of course, before you do, you should have been able to give him child safety tips that will help ward off danger.

The world is full of people with bad intentions. We may not be able to understand their reasons but a number of them prey on innocent victims – our kids. In a recent survey, it was found out that mothers are more concerned with kidnappers and sexual offenders rather than accidental injuries. A reason for this is because accidental injuries can easily be prevented by following simple child safety tips. Mothers feel that the incidence of kidnapping or sexual abuse cannot entirely be prevented even with some precautionary measures.

The phrase “stranger danger” is one of the child safety tips that have been widely used to teach children how to fight off potential kidnappers or sex offenders. However, the slogan was found to be taken too literally. It was found out that there were cases when children evaded rescuers because they have been taught not to talk to strangers. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) was never for the “stranger danger” slogan. This is because most kidnap cases were done by someone that the children know or are familiar with.

Keeping children safe from accidents can be achieved by practising child safety tips. Keeping the house clean and free from obstacles, and using seatbelts while in the car are necessary to avoid unwanted incidents. Child safety tips are basically the very logical things that we have to do as parents. Not letting your child wander off while shopping is a good way to teach him to always check with you before he can go off somewhere else.

Child safety tips do not just involve the parents and adults. Kids should be able to watch out for themselves too. While there are a lot of dangers lurking around, we should not tell the children that the world is an unsafe place. As parents, we should teach them that no matter how many bad guys are out there, there are always the good ones waiting to save the day. 



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