Guess How Young 4AKid is Turning and WIN!

Feb 09 , 2017

Guess How Young 4AKid is Turning and WIN!

4aKid is turning 10 years old and it’s time for a birthday competition!

#BIRTHDAYCOMPETITION TIME! It’s that time of year again… 4 A Kid is celebrating their birthday. To help us with the festivities, we want to know how old you think #4akid is turning.

2 of the closest people to 4akid’s correct age will #WIN a Bright Light Pillow 

Let us know in the comments how old you think we are and #ShareTheBirthdayWishes with your friends. #HappyBirthday #Celebrate#Party #4aKidBirthdayBash

Competition closes 28 February 2017

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