Elastic-band bracelets – how to make?

Elastic-band bracelets – how to make? - 4aKid

The elastic-band rainbow looms are the latest craze with kids of all ages. Here are some ideas from http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/:

Band Bracelets that Kids Can Make

1.  Fishtail Band Bracelet
After the single chain bracelet, the fishtail is the easiest bracelet for your kids to start out with.  The pattern is easy enough for our newly 5 year old to create on her own.

Supplies needed:

  • 20 bands of a light color + 20 Bands of a dark color.  One hook. One Loom.

Here is a video tutorial so you can create your own fishtail band bracelets.

rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

2.  Double Fishtail Band Bracelet (aka 4 prong “Dragon Scales”)

Once your kids have a good grip on the pattern “routine” of the regular fishtail, they will have fun adding some variations – like this colorful double fishtail.  The tutorial video is for “dragon scales” – we call the thinner version a double fishtail as it looks like two fishtails side-by-side.

Supplies needed:

  • 60 Bands – 20 Pink, 20 Purple, 10 White, 10 Yellow.  One Hook. One Loom.

It is super easy for kids to make and after making the double fishtail a couple of times, you can graduate to the wider “scales” versions also featured on the video.

rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

3. Rainbow Ladder Band Bracelet

This colorful bracelet is looks awesome, and as many of the bands are double stacked, it is the perfect bracelet activity for an older sibling to create with a younger child.  The younger kids can follow the pattern created and add the second row of bands.


Supplies Needed: Minecraft inspired rainbow loom bracelet

  • 7  of both: Red & Light Blue
  • 8 of the following: Orange, Yellow, Green, Dark Blue, Purple, Pink.
  • 14 Black Bands
  • 1 hook
  • 1 loom



4.  Minecraft Creeper Band Bracelet

Using the same tutorial as the Rainbow ladder, replace all the colored bands with bright green ones.  You will need 54 green bands and 14 black bands.

Create your green and black ladder.  Turn the bracelet facing in so the black “creeper” line is visible.

Your minecraft fan will love it!
rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

5. Super Stripe Band Bracelet

This bracelet is pretty advanced.  It seems that most of my kids favorites are the thicker bracelets.

This is another one where older kids can probably do the hooking, and preschoolers can put the bands onto the loom.  The video tutorial from Justin Toys is very easy to follow.
rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

6.  The Zippy Chain Band Bracelet

This bracelet was the most frustrating one so far, as it took a couple of tries to get the bands hooked in the correct order, but the finished product looks great!

Supplies needed:

  • 27 Black bands for the border.
  • 12 light blue bands
  • 22 White Bands
  • 1 hook, 1 loom.

rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

7. Colorful Starburst Band Bracelet

These are so bright and cheery!  They are more complicated, probably better suited for an elementary or middle school child to make on their own, but our preschoolers enjoy filling the loom for me to hook the bracelet together.

Supplies Needed:

  • 6 Different Colors, with 6 bands in each – you will need a total of 36 colorful bands.
  • 39 Black Bands
  • 1 hook, 1 loom.

You will want to make the black edging first and then create each starburst.  Be sure to put a “cap” of black at the center of each burst of color.
8.  Taffy Twists Band Bracelet

This is a good “first” complicated bracelet.  The tutorial is created by Rainbow loom and is very detailed.  My older preschooler was able to do this one by herself after a trial run.

Supplies Needed:

  • 36 bands of “like colors” (ex: 12 white, 12 pink, 12 red)
  • 27 Border bands (ex: Black or White)rainbow loom bracelet kids craft

9. Sun Spots (aka X-Twister) Band Bracelet

Check out the video.  This bracelet looks completely different when you change the colors.

We call it our Sunny Spot, but other tutorials have called it “X-Twister” and “Liberty”.

Supplies needed:

  • 27 border bands – we chose orange.
  • 20 Like-color bands – we chose red.
  • 12 Bright Bands – we used Yellow.
  • 13 Cap Bands – we used Pink.
  • 1 hook, 1 loom.

rainbow band bracelet tutorial for kids craft

 Source: http://kidsactivitiesblog.com


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