Free kids activity e-book to keep them busy at home

Mar 20 , 2020

Free kids activity e-book to keep them busy at home

Holidays are always exciting. The entire family has endured weeks of frantic mornings, slow-moving traffic, and tight schedules – a well-deserved break is just what everyone needs.

A little bit of planning can go a really long way, and our FREE kids’ activity ebook takes the stress out of planning a whole lot of interesting activities because the Essentials team has already done it for you.

Our interactive activity ebook has loads of ways to keep children busy these holidays – from arts and crafts to boredom-buster games, plus pretty colour-in pages. Here’s a teaser of what you can expect when you download our kids’ activity ebook:

  • If your kids love the beach…

There are only so many beach days a parent can endure! Instead, bring that seaside spirit inside with our ‘At the beach’ section filled with summer holiday makes.

Our kids’ activity ebook includes: An easy design for mini-sailing boats, as well as super cute memory jars. Plus, a spot-the-difference game set under the sea.

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  • Trying to get your kids outside and busy in the garden?

Give your little ones the chance to get their hands dirty with fun crafts and outdoor activities in our ‘In the garden’ section.

Our kids’ activity ebook includes: A foolproof guide on how to get kids excited about gardening, plus a step-by-step plan for making a traditional kite.

  • Get your kids to help out in the kitchen

Yummy treats are essential to a happy holiday! Now, you can get the whole family involved with our kid-friendly ‘In the kitchen’ section.

Our kids’ activity ebook includes: Treats, treats and more treats! We’ve rounded up some of the most Instagram-worthy sweet recipes for you and your little ones.

Download the kids’ activity ebook here for a blissful holiday with the kids. Just click on the downward-facing arrow to download and print the e-book:

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  • 20 Mar 2020 RIna

    I would really like this to keep my 2 year old busy in rainy days.

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