Magical Christmas Lanterns

Dec 13 , 2016

Magical Christmas Lanterns

Magical Christmas Lanterns


  • jars of different sizes and shapes (in addition to a pair of canning jars, here you can see featured a pickle jar and a spice jar)
  • a can of blue spray paint
  • paint marker

Magical Christmas Lanterns: DIY tutorial on how to turn Mason jars into lamps and create a simple Christmas decoration


1. Wash your jars thoroughly as any oily residue will interfere with paint adhesion.

2. Spray paint the outsides of the jars.  Once they are dry, drop a candle inside of one jar and see how the light comes through. If you think that one layer of paint was not enough, add another.

3. If you use our design, print it and insert into the jar. Trace it with a marker. If you make your own design, it may still be a good idea to sketch it on a piece of paper first and then insert the piece into the jar anyway. But confident young artists may want to paint right on the jar.

4. Use a black fine point paint marker for tracing the picture on glass.

Now it is time to put some candles in and add illumination to the room!


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