25 Things Parents Should Not Do

Feb 25 , 2019

25 Things Parents Should Not Do

No one ever said Parenting was easy! As Lionel Kauffman once said, “Children are a great comfort in your old age – and they help you reach it faster, too”.

1. Don’t forget to tell them you love them

2. Don’t criticise the child, just the behaviour

3. Don’t be afraid to say “No”

4. Don’t compare

5. Don’t publicly humiliate

6. Don’t be too quick to rescue them

7. Don’t forget to hug them

8. Don’t ever stop listening

9. Don’t invade their privacy

10. Don’t fail to give structure

11. Don’t forget to spend time with them

12. Don’t give them too much choice

13. Don’t always do things for them

14. Don’t avoid having hard discussions

15. Don’t always make decisions for them

16. Don’t be afraid to be the parent

17. Don’t push them into too many activities

18. Don’t compare yourself to other parents

19. Don’t lose your cool

20. Don’t nag

21. Don’t stop reading with them

22. Don’t forget to laugh together

23. Don’t be afraid to say you’re sorry

24. Don’t back down

25. Don’t be too hard on yourself or other parents!

“The trouble with bringing up children is that by the time you are experienced, you are unemployed” – Author unknown.

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