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Packing Checklist: Travel Abroad with Baby

Packing Checklist: Travel Abroad with Baby

Are you planning to travel abroad with a new baby in tow? Here is a guideline as to what you need to take with you to ensure a safe and successful trip abroad.

Are you planning to travel abroad with a new baby in tow? If you plan ahead, it can be done with very little stress.

The first time may be a bit challenging, but with experience, you will get to learn that with just a few adjustments, you can make a lot of difference in ensuring a safe and successful trip abroad.

One of the adjustments you can make here and there includes making sure you have a baby-friendly checklist. It helps if you start preparing to pack a few days before you travel. Here is what you need to make sure you have:

Diaper Bag

It would be best if you had a diaper bag fully stocked and easily accessible. The reality of travelling with a baby is that you will never know when you will need to suddenly pull over and clean up your baby’s vomit or change a diaper blowout.

Hence, you have to make sure that you keep your diaper bag far from the other entire luggage. The last thing you need is to have to rummage through your fully-packed car just to find your diaper bag when your baby needs a quick change.


Unless your baby is exclusively breastfed, food is an obvious necessity whenever you go. You will have to take some nourishment if you’re travelling abroad.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, make sure to pack your nursing cover for when you need some privacy. If your baby is on formula, remember to pack extra water bottles for the formula.

Remember to also pack some snacks for yourself. You will need some water or food to recharge while travelling, especially if you're nursing. Your baby relies on you; hence you have no choice but to make sure you are healthy.


Never forget to pack a few favourite toys for your baby. Remember that just like you, your kid can also get bored, and you have to make sure they stay happy. A taggie, a plush animal, and a teether are fantastic options to bring along.


Even though music isn’t something you can pack, we recommend that you make a playlist of soothing or classical music that you can turn to while on the flight or car. Music also comes in handy when the journey turns into a scream-fest somewhere along the way.

Car Seat

If you are travelling abroad on the road, you have to make sure your little one is in the same position throughout the ride. Hence, you must make sure that he or she is as comfortable as possible, which could mean bring your car seat along.

If so, scan and make sure the headrest is in the right position for when your baby falls asleep. Remove any bulky clothing or coats that could potentially pose a severe risk while your baby is the car. Just make sure the car is nice and comfy without overdoing it.


In most cases, we forget to leave room for a bulky stroller, especially when we are packing heavy. However, you should pack a snap-n-go or umbrella stroller that can be attached to the car seat if you will be doing a lot of shopping or walking when you arrive at your destination.

Extra Diapers

Always remember to pack extra diapers whenever you’re travelling, even when you think you have packed enough. It won’t hurt to include a little more for any impromptu accidents.

Extra Wipes

With a baby, messes are bound to happen. Hence, you can never pack enough baby wipes or tissues. Stock on baby wipes from a brand that uses the simplest formula for a gentle clean. Use wipes that are gentle for your baby yet strong enough for extreme matches.

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