Why babies wake at night – a sleep expert’s guide

Apr 08 , 2019

Why babies wake at night – a sleep expert’s guide

Chris Minogue is a Mothercraft nurse, resident expert on Kinderling Helpline and the author of Bringing Baby Home. With over 30 years’ experience in the baby business, she knows what keeps baby up at night.

Don’t stress – waking up is normal

While parents hope / pray / dream their little ones will sleep through, most won’t – and according to Chris, that’s perfectly normal. She stresses that this behaviour is often just “age-appropriate” – that is, it’s natural for them to wake at this age and stage of development.

For example, she’d expect a six-week-old baby to naturally wake two to three times a night while a six-month-old might do it once.

Of course, while you can’t change their age, understanding the range of other reasons a baby might wake can help a lot when it comes to getting bub back to sleep.

1. They’re hungry!

2. They’ve moved and startled themselves

3. They’re too hot or too cold

4. They’re ill

Wet nappies – a waking factor or not?

Not as much as you’d think, says Chris. She says it’s a lot rarer for a baby to wake because they’ve turned on the waterworks.

“Generally they don’t wake for a wet nappy, because they’re wearing disposable nappies that draw away the wetness,” she explains. “They might need their nappy changed, but that’s not why they’re waking.”

Read the full article here: https://babyology.com.au/baby/sleeping/why-babies-wake-at-night-a-sleep-experts-guide.html

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