Why does my child repeat words?

Jun 08 , 2020

Why does my child repeat words?

Learning any new skill requires repetition. As they parrot the same words over and over, young children are figuring out how to speak, which requires coordinating dozens of muscles in the mouth and face and matching words with their meanings. Any language that includes the words to, too, two, and toot is going to require some repeating!

Toddlers often repeat phrases of two or three words (“Daddy go bye-bye”). Preschoolers may seem to stutter, beginning a sentence or a phrase a few times in a row as their brain processes what should come next. A child who repeats whole phrases without seeming to understand their meaning, on the other hand, maybe demonstrating echolalia, a symptom of autism. If this habit is combined with other types of developmental delays, talk to your pediatrician about getting your child further evaluation.

Source: https://www.parents.com/

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