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75 Fabulous Baby Shower Games 4aKid

75 Fabulous Baby Shower Games

 75 Beautifully-designed, Unique Baby Shower Games. Customers Love Them They Can Be Download And Printed In As Little As 5 Minutes. See For Yourself - These Games Are Top Notch And Blow Others Away.


75 Fabulous Baby Shower Games –
Guests LOVE Them and You Can Download and Print Them in as Little as 5 Minutes.
Choose from 75 UNIQUEEXCITING and BEAUTIFULLY-DESIGNED baby shower games for your next shower -- some you won't find ANYWHERE else on the web! All games are available for Immediate Download -- no “expertise” required. And your Satisfaction is Guaranteed.
baby shower games

You've got a baby shower coming up. There's a pressing question on your mind - "What games will you choose?"

You want baby shower games that will

  • keep the guests happy
  • involve everyone
  • not take hours to create
  • not cost a bundle

Thank You for creating such a useful tool at a low cost. I've spent so much money already on everything else and I just wanted to tell you, good job and I'm sure I'll enjoy everything! :)

Michelle Cisneros

My baby shower went great..We played Bingo, baby food tasting , word search and the right/left story. Everyone had a great time and loved the games. Thank you for all the
great ideas. This was well worth the investment.

Brenda Nolind

Shower was for my step-sister Kasey. It was on Sunday Aug. 27. We played Baby Work Unscramble, Celebrity Baby Names, Unique Celebrity Baby Names. There were soooooooo many games to choose from! Everyone there really enjoyed the games so of course I told them about your web page & how you can purchase the games & down load them right then & there. Thanks so much! Very cool!

Tiffany Brown, Waynesboro, PA

The baby shower turned out fine and the games was a big hit especially the rice and safety pin game. Thank you for all your help the package was a life saver.

Jo Anne Anderson

Games for Multiples Are Here

Is the Mommy-to-Be expecting twins or triplets? If so, you'll get to pick from several games designed especially for her.

Games like Twins Trivia, Famous Pairs, Famous Trios, and Triple the Fun are sure to make your baby shower a huge hit.

African American Images Are Here

One thing I noticed from other baby shower games websites was the lack of African American graphics on the games. That’s why I created a second version of some of the games, featuring African American images.

There are ten games exclusively with African American images on them. Plus there are several more with images of African American babies appearing with babies of other races.

The rest of the games have generic baby symbols, such as rattles or pacifiers.

Games with African American graphics give you an option to choose the game and image that's right for your baby shower.

Couples Games Are Here

Throwing a couples shower? No problem. There are several games that specifically have a "Daddy" vibe. Not to mention, men can play just about any of the other games too.

Some couples games are Animal Families, Mothers and Fathers in Genesis, Mommy and Daddy Animals, Celebrity Parents and Kids, Baby Shower Outburst, Baby Shower Scattegories, and Whose Genes Should Baby Get.

Fast & Easy Electronic Download

There is No Shipping -- these games are electronic and are available for immediate download onto your computer. I'll show you how with step-by-step instructions -- it's fast (less than 1 minute for users with high-speed internet access) and VERY easy.

Once you buy these baby shower games, the entire set will be downloaded onto your own computer. That way, you can access and print them whenever you want, as many times as you want. There's no expiration date, so if you need them for another baby shower 5 years from now, they are right at your fingertips!

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