A 4aKid Gift Guide For Kids R100 and Less

A 4aKid Gift Guide For Kids R100 and Less - 4aKid

A tough year calls for a tight budget this Christmas but that doesn't mean you cant get awesome presents at an affordable price!

Saving money while Christmas shopping can be difficult. 4aKid have a put together a list of gifts or stocking fillers for R100 and under your kids will love this festive season.


Star Night Light 

Star night light projecting stars and the moon on the walls and ceiling.Available in pink, purple, blue and black, this Star Night Light will transform your space into a beautiful night sky oasis.  This lightweight, portable starry night light lamp is fun and functional décor to complete any bedroom look. Read More  

Fun Toothbrush Holders 

Assorted colour bee toothbrush holders on a wall. The yellow be has toothpaste and toothbrushes inside.The cutest home for your kid's toothbrushes! Kids will be buzzing with excitement with this little Toothbrush Holder when its time to brush their teeth. This little honey bee is the cutest accessory for your kid's bathroom wall or cabinet. Also available in a Gecko and Ladybug design. Read More

Melissa & Doug Color-a-Mat

Fire engine placemat for kids by Melissa and Doug.Mealtimes will never be boring again! These durable activity mats should be written with write on and wipe off crayons. Furthermore, these mats are available in a wide range of topics from math to even maps! Themes are available for both boys and girls. Read More

Melissa & Doug Learning Mat Crayons

Melissa and Doug learning mat crayons. These Learning Mat Crayons are the perfect addition to the Color-a-Mats above. Design, draw and colour on the learning mats then wipe off and begin again! The colour-coded crayon holders are easy to grasp as well as easy to slide the crayons. Read More 

Wooden Animal Tetris

Wooden animal tetris game.The chase is on for the perfect fit! This classic game has added an adventurous twist. The Wooden Animal Tetris includes the shapes of assorted animals that must be moved and rotated so that they interlock together on the grid leaving no gaps. This version more challenging and will also sharpen those fine motor and problem-solving skills. Read More

Uno Flip

Uno flip card game.Uno flip introduces a double-sided deck that gives this classic gameplay an exciting twist:  a "light" side and a "dark" side. This game is easy to learn and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Get ready for fast-paced family fun! Read More

Yookie Earphones

Yookie earphones in clear packaging.Listen to music in the cutest style! Whether you choose the bear or bow design, these earphones are iOS and Android compatible. Lightweight as well as comfortable to wear make these earphones ideal for all types of daily activities. Available in assorted colours. Read More

Scratch Paper Note Pads

Scratch paper note pad in assorted colours.A great activity for young budding artists. Each page features a black background, as you draw with the wooden stylus, it reveals bright colours below. Discover your colourful illustrations as you draw. Let your child's imagination illuminate anywhere, anytime. Choose from 2 sizes. Read More

Playtape Train Track

Playtape train track PlayTape Train Track is a fast, fun way to lay down instant train tracks anywhere for creative play. This tape is removable and perfect for playing with toy trains. With a single roll of PlayTape Classic Railroad Track, you can create a railroad or a whole network of tracks. is a fast, fun way to lay down instant train tracks anywhere for creative play. Available in 2 sizes. Read More

Kinetic Slime Kit

DIY kinetic slimeMake your own cosmic slime with this Kinetic Slime Kit. This kit is fun and easy to create slime without the mess. Simply combine the slime powder, glitter and water into the shaker cup then shake! Voila... the shiniest slime around. No glue required. Read More


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