First A Mum – Review’s 4aKid’s Backpack Nappy Bags

First A Mum – Review’s 4aKid’s Backpack Nappy Bags - 4aKid

What’s in our Nappy Bag?!

We were very generously gifted the latest trending Nappy bag by Ally Cohen from 4akid. We have been using the bag and will be reviewing it in this post. However together with my review I will also be sharing what I have in my Nappy bag.

This backpack Nappy bag is all over and in such high demand, we had to try it out ! 

4 kids later my husband finally got his wish fulfilled of a backpack nappy bag . His theory has always been that daddy carries the bag so it should be his style and not mine . But there has never been a backpack Nappy bag that has suited my style until now. So in terms of style it’s a yes from me! 

It comes in several colours so you can choose your favorite.

Next let’s talk about space. There are a number of compartments inside and on the outside of the bag. There is also an easy access zip at the back and bottom of the bag so you don’t have to go scatting to the bottom for something there. This is a fantastic feature! Unfortunately, the bottle holders are quite small for our bottles to fit (we use Tommee Tippee). With a squeeze we eventually got it in.

Overall I think the bag has some great features and hubby enjoyed his backpack adventure but it was too small for a baby and a toddler. We fit most of what we wanted in but it was very squashed.

Which brings me to ..What’s in my bag?

BABY :  (5 months)

  • 5-7 nappies
  • Soft toy
  • 2 extra growers – I have had many a day when I have had to use the second pair of clothing !
  • Burp cloth
  • 2 extra bibs – not pictured here
  • Dummy sterilizer
  • Bottle
  • Formula – I love our formula container as is compact unlike the stack up ones. Not sure of the name but it is form Baby city
  • Two short sleeve vests and two long sleeve


  • Wet Wipes
  • Bum Cream
  • Sterimar – if one of them is feeling stuffy I like to have this handy
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Tissues (not pictured here)
  • Body cream

TODDLER : (23 months)

  • Snack
  • Sippy cup – you don’t understand how messy things can get until your toddler pours her drink down her chest
  • Hairbrush and extra clips and a headband – My little ones hair can get crazy so I need backups
  • Extra set of clothes
  • Something warm


  • Lipgloss
  • Mirror
  • Handcream
  • Hair tie
  • Perfume

I would love to hear what I am missing that you have.

To read on the review on the blog First A Mom, click here


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