Moms Top Picks For August 2019

Moms Top Picks For August 2019 - 4aKid

Moms Top Picks For August 2019: Best overall baby and toddler products ā€“ Chosen by You!

Moms Top Picks For August 2019. Meet the 4akid product winners of August 2019. From Products for Dad, Educational, Interactive & pretend play Toys, Robotic & Science Kits and so much more. If youā€™re wondering which of these momā€™s picks are champions, take a look at our ā€œchosen products for August 2019ā€ checklist.

Moms Top Picks For August 2019

  1. Under Construction Assembly Truck Set

This Under Construction Assembly Truck Set is the perfect toy for a vehicle as well as a construction enthusiastic child!

This fantasticĀ Under Construction Assembly Truck Set set allows your child to disassemble and assemble different components back together again. This setĀ includes 2 car chassis. Toddlers can use the screwdriver to transform these vehicles into 6 different construction trucks. It is natural that all kids have a desire to build as well as create. This set develops an understanding of construction vehicles as well as learning skills.

  1. Unisex Silicone Pen Grips

Encourage your child to master the correct pen grip and therefore hold their writing tool effectively with these Unisex Silicone Pen Grips.

These Unisex Silicone Pen Grips improves handwriting, helps to give more control, and reduces hand fatigue. Made from soft, flexible silicone makes this grip comfortable to write with. Parents, teachers, as well as occupational therapists widely recommend using pen grips.

Adults can also use these grips to correct and improve their handwriting as well as reduce muscle fatigue in jobs that demand high volumes of writing.

  1. 18-in-1 Tool for Dads

Daily tasks around the house will be a breeze with this 18 in 1 Tool for Dads!

This 18 in 1 Tool has a unique design and includes the tools you need to complete tasks quickly as well as efficiently. No more misplacing tools or asking someone to pass you the tool you need for the desired task. This all in one tool is a great addition to dads toolbox!

  1. Volcano Eruption science activity kit

Create an eruption with exciting Volcano Eruption Kit!

Kids will love this hands-on Volcano Eruption science activity! Watch the hot magma, as well as inflatable bubbles, burst out of the earth crust!

Scientiļ¬c knowledge plays an important role in everyday life. Hence learning about science knowledge is quite important. And this volcano kit allows you to learn as well as have fun at the same time!

  1. Block by Block Building GameĀ 

Block by Block Building Game is a classic stacking game with a Tetris twist that will get kids away from video games and rekindle their passion for brainteasers!

With 60 challenges available, this Block by Block Building Game seems simple but will challenge both young and experienced minds. This game challenges players to build a symmetrical block wall by assembling 7 puzzle pieces that match the image on one of 60 challenge cards. These pieces have different configurations such as pyramid-like shapes, V-shapes and more. It helps improveĀ spatial orientation, reasoning skills as well as the identification of simple geometric shapes.

  1. Environmental Science Series ā€“ Weather Station

Observe and record the weather with this awesome multi-functional Weather Station science kit.

Measure the weather right in your back yard or schoolyard with this Weather Station kit. Follow wind direction temperature, rainfall, and so much more. In addition, you can discover the greenhouse effect by creating your own enclosed growing environment.

  1. Solar Robot ā€“ Cricket

With this Solar Robot Cricket kit, Detective BugSee will march its way seeking valuable clues.

Solar Robot Cricket is activated by direct sunlight. This little fella will keep strutting with more vigour than you could imagine. Improve childrenā€™s cognitive ability as well as robotic skills with this robot. Develops an interest in scientiļ¬c exploration.

Ideal for a do-it-yourself science fair, after-school, or summer workshop project. Enhance your knowledge of mechanical transmission as well as electrical motor theory.

  1. Small Brown Talking Tom Dog Doll ā€“ Brown

Let your kids fall in love with this lyrical Small Brown Talking Tom Dog Doll!

This Small Brown Talking Tom Dog Doll will provide toddlers with sweet-sounding companionship. This adorable cat plays songs, music and also includes flashing lights. Let your little one listen, sing or hum along to snippets of various songs. Moms, the best feature is the volume button! Chose from 2 volumes settings.

  1. Toddler Building Blocks

Build up your toddlerā€™s imagination as well as building skills with these Toddler Building Blocks!

Supersize playtime with these colourful Toddler Building Blocks. Combine fun with learning as your little one strengthens their fine motors skills as they sort, build and identify different colours with these easy to put together blocks.Ā Stimulate your childā€™s imagination with endless hours of building fun.Ā Every child just loves to stack blocks, build a structure and then knock it down!

  1. The Original Magic Stretchy Sand 500g (Assorted Colours)

Magic Stretchy SandĀ 500g is incredibly satisfying to play with. You can squeeze it, twist it, as well as stretch it!

Ideal for arts and crafts whether at home or school, this Magic Stretchy Sand 500g is super soft and stretchy. This sand has a unique texture that is solid yet flowy. With 6 bright colours to chose from, you can create and play for hours on end! Use your imagination while kneading and building different shapes while at the same time developing those fine motor skills. The possibilities are endless. And the best part is that its mess-free! In addition, it is a great product to help alleviate stress and anxiety as well as combat any tactile issues.

Also Available in:

  • 100g tub
  • 200g tub
  • 1kg tub


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