Moms Top Picks For The Month Of May

Moms Top Picks For The Month Of May - 4aKid

Mom’s Picks of the week: Best overall baby and toddler products – Chosen by You!

Meet the 4akid product winners of May 2019. From Products for Mom, Feeding on-the-go, Bathroom Essentials, Wooden Educational Toys and so much more. If you’re wondering which of these mom’s picks are champions, take a look at our “chosen products for March 2019” checklist.

1. Blue Bear Silicone Night Light

This Blue Bear Silicone Night Light is a gorgeous night light companion for your baby or toddler.
This Blue Bear Silicone Night Light Blue is made from washable silicone with a pleasant soft touch body and displays beautiful soft colours. Ideal night light to set a calming environment. Provides gentle lighting for mom to take care of her baby during the night.
It’s perfect for the bedroom, living room, bedside as well as an office. In addition, use it as a stress-relieving toy. With a lovely bear design, it looks beautiful wherever you put it.

2. Set of silicone feeding spoons

The Wee Baby Silicone Feeding Spoon is an ideal product to use when you transition your baby from liquids to solids.
With a soft tip, these Silicone Feeding Spoons will assist your baby to eat comfortably without hurting your baby’s delicate palate. Its long handle and flexible tip also provide easy access to the food for mom. As well as help babies improve their ability to hold and grip.

Available in:

  • Pink/ Lilac
  • Blue/ Orange
  • Green/ Red

3. Potty Training Toilet Stairs

We all know how frustrating potty training can get but with the Potty-Training Toilet Stairs, it makes it so much easier!
These Potty-Training Toilet Stairs will encourage your toddler to take those necessary steps needed to complete potty training. With a strong as well as lightweight structure, it will give your child the independence to do his thing with confidence and comfort.

4. Golf Caddy Set

Hit the magnificent greens and play a beautiful game of 18 holes of golf with this Golf Caddy Set.
Little golfers can practise their swings with the brightly coloured Golf Caddy Set. This set includes everything you need for a backyard game of golf. It will provide an opportunity for fun and exercise whilst honing your golfing skills.

5. Monkey Pen – Orange

Kids will love jotting down their memoirs with this ‘cheeky’ Monkey Pen!
Let this cute Monkey Pen spark kids imagination as well as their creativity for journal writing! Watch them spend hours writing their ideas or stories in their very own journal. Bring out the ‘magic’ in creative writing. This pen will definitely make anyone’s day more cheerful!
Give these unique and fun pens away during parties, animal-themed birthday celebrations or play dates for hours of fun!

6. Bouncy Hopper – Hot Pink

Toddlers will go hopping mad for this super fun Hot Pink Bouncy Hopper!
This inflatable Hot Pink Bouncy Hopper has soft grip-able ears and horn for children to hold as they bounce around the house. Hoppers are a great way to encourage general fitness as well as develop core muscle strength, motor and coordination skills and balance.

7. Butterfly Friends Smiley Keyboard

Develop your child’s love of music from an early age with the Butterfly Friends Smiley Keyboard.
The Butterfly Friends Smiley Keyboard features a caterpillar, butterfly, snail and ladybug is designed for small hands. The delightful toy helps children learn about their 1-2-3’s, colours and basic words and phrases, in a fun way. Switch between the learning mode and music mode simply by turning the wings of the butterfly. When in the music mode, your child will learn musical notes, create their own tunes and enjoy cheerful melodies when they press the keys.

8. Kids Make-up Set – SWEETS

This Sweets Kids Makeup Set is perfect for all those budding makeup artists out there!
With a palette of bright colour blush, eye shadows as well as lipstick and so much more, this Sweets Kids Makeup Set will have your daughter busy for hours glamming herself up. The make-up set is incredibly easy to apply, mess-free & designed to wash right off. This set contains a lovely range of safe, fun cosmetics for children, making it ideal for pretend play.

9. Magic Tracks ((103pc)

With Magic Tracks you can bend, flex, and curve the track magically in 360˚ however you want – even while the race car is driving around.
Just snap the Magic Track pieces together and you get a fully customized speedway of your own creation. And even better, when you turn off the light, Magic Tracks glows super bright! Sparks the child’s interest and inspires their thinking and imagination. Helps the child develop a hands-on ability. Promotes visual perception as well as improves the child’s hand-eye coordination.

10. Money Box – PEPPA PIG

This Peppa Pig Money Box will encourage your kids to save money… instead of spending it!
This Peppa Pig Money Box will guard your kid’s personal stuff. Use the safe to store things like your paper money, play jewellery, playing card etc. Create a sense off independence by letting your children set their own code. Watch this money box “eat” their paper money as the bills are pulled in by a sensor, which kids will absolutely love to do over and over again!


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