One bundle to stop you from going crazy

Apr 15 , 2020

One bundle to stop you from going crazy

When 2020 started, no one could have predicted this. And I don’t even have to explain what “this” is.

I hope you and your loved ones are staying well. But even if you are well…

It doesn’t mean this isn’t hard for you. It can still be hard when everything is changing every day.

Whether you find yourself suddenly homeschooling your kids, dealing with financial stress from decreased hours (or maybe you’ve been laid off completely), scrambling to figure out what to do now that the daycare is closed, or grieving the changes to your life and schedule, it’s okay to feel sad.

If you’re like most of us, you’re also feeling a little stir crazy!

So my friends at Ultimate Bundles put together the Stay at Home Survival Bundle. The name says it all, doesn’t it? This digital collection of 21 resources includes kids’ activities, parenting resources, tools to work from home, self care resources, and more.

Here are all the categories of resources inside the Stay at Home Survival Bundle:

  • Kids Activities - 7 resources to teach your kids about nature, how to draw, learn to read, and more!
  • Parenting - 4 resources to help you discover your family’s screen time formula, how to homeschool (when you never imagined you’d be doing it!), and more!
  • Organization - 5 resources to reverse engineer those processed food recipes and learn how to develop your favorites, adjust your life to be kinder to our planet, create your own digital scrapbooks, and more!
  • Self Care - 3 resources to give you a little rest and relaxation like coloring pages, or reveal what’s been holding you back.
  • Work at Home - 2 resources that will tell you where to find companies who hire remote employees, plus how to launch a service-based online business quickly.
These times are hard, but I think the Stay at Home Survival Bundle can make things just a bit easier and maybe even a little fun.

This sale ends tomorrow at midnight, so…

Check out the Stay at Home Survival Bundle right here:

Stuck at Home Survival Bundle

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