Plush Backpack Doggy Harness Review

Jun 04 , 2018

Plush Backpack Doggy Harness Review

Plush Backpack Doggy Harness Review

4aKid Plush Backpack Doggy Harness review from choosearow, Mother of 2 ▫Award winning Blogger – Teri Row ▫Parenting | Lifestyle |Community ▫Co-Founder @instamamameet on Instagram….

Brave or Stupid? You decide which one I am? – you have to watch the video to check out this cool product I got from @4akid_allycohen to see what I am talking about. And if you are pro or con using them. There was an interesting Live chat with Chenel from @james.and.jaxson the other day that motivated me to get one. Out of fear of losing my kid in the shops.

To see the review here:

The plush backpack harnesses are available in a doggy, lion, elli, panda and froggy theme.


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