Some testimonials for Secure a Kid

Some testimonials for Secure a Kid - 4aKid

Wondering if the Secure a Kid Seatbelt Harness is for you? 

Read the testimonials below from our happy clients who have purchased the Secure-a-Kid. 

Testimonials and reviews

Just want to give you testimonial about the seatbelt harness. My husband and kids was in a car accident on Friday morning and if my kids did not have the harness on, their injuries would have been much serve. Luckily they walked away with body stiffness of the impact. My daughter would have broken her neck or pelvis if she did not have that harness on

– Sue Pretorius

My name is Michelle and I live in Phalaborwa, Limpopo Province. I saw one of your pamphlets a couple of months ago, but paid no attention to it at that moment. However, in the past 3 months, 2 local kids died and one was injured in 2 separate car accidents. That scared the life out of me, as I have two small children myself!

The last accident was only a month ago. The one child was flung from the cars side window and died on impact. She was only seven years old. Her father turned around to scold her because she would not put her seat belt on. She complained that it hurt her. When he turned back, the drunk driver was already in his lane. They collided head-on. Chloe was killed instantly and her 7 year old cousin – who was wearing his seat belt, was just lightly injured. She was her parents only child.

could really use a invention like yours in our area. There were 3000 primary school and nursery school children and parents that attended Chloe’s funeral last month. We don’t want another one.

– Michelle

Our daughter had heart surgery in late 2008 and her chest area is still very sensitive. As a result, getting a seatbelt around her comfortably , even with a car seat, was something of a mission.

During the month of November and early December 2009 we heard your advert on ECR and decided to call in. My wife, Janitha, called in and spoke to you explaining the circumstances. Immediately we were properly explained about how the product works and were offered a specially tailored device with extra padding to make it even more comfortable. What was even more gratifying was that your organization offered this to us free of charge!

The device duly arrived in the mail towards the end of December 2009 and has been in constant use ever since. The fussing and moaning with regard to fastening the seat belt comfortably that used to be the norm with every car trip swiftly became a thing of the past as the harness correctly and comfortably positions the belt. It is extremely easy to use and can be quickly, smoothly, and efficiently swapped from one vehicle to the other. It is such a relief to know that your child is not only comfortable, but is also securely ensconced in your vehicle. Even with the expensive car seat that we have, it was not always easy to position the belt correctly and comfortably and one had to compromise on either a bit of comfort or safety to achieve some kind of solution. This safety harness removes all that schlep in an easy and effective manner.

Thank you very much for humanizing our concerns and involving yourselves in the manner described to bring peace of mind motoring to me and my family.  It is this level of involvement and concern for your customers that will result in your organization becoming a global giant in the field of child safety. Thank you for running such a brilliant organization and may God bless you extensively in the days to come.

– Neville

I owe you a huge debt of thanks. I was in a terrible car accident on Saturday afternoon and thank god my daughter was wearing your seatbelt. Without it she would have gone straight through the windshield. I can’t thank you enough.

– Victoria

Baie dankie vir my produk.  Dis vrek oulik!!!!!  Ekt vir almal hier by die werk gewys – het ook vir hulle jou kontak besonderhede gegee.

– Anne

I would just like to comment on how happy I am with my Secure-a-kid harnesses.  They are extremely effective in restraining children properly.  We used them on the trip to and from Cape town and I was much happier knowing my children were properly secured.  They were well worth the wait!  Everybody has asked me where I got them from and I have told them.  Hopefully you will gain a few more orders as a result. Thank you for a wonderful product.

– Michelle

Thank you, we received the harnesses. We’ve already had a test run with one and my daughter is extremely happy.

– Lavinia

Kids up to 115cm, 25kg or at least 6 years old must be in a high back booster. I highly recommend it for children and shorter adults after that. I like the Secure-a-Kid harness because it spreads the impact over a larger area and reduces seat belt-related injuries.

– Peggie Mars, Wheel Wells

I was over the moon when I received this product to test out, the Secure A Kid Safety Harness from 4-A-Kid. It really is worth every cent for the piece of mind and comfort it brings. We have been using the harness for a week now and I seriously have one very happy little monkey, no more crying, no more fussing and complete piece of mind for the momma.
– Chastin Dreyer  : Blog Crazy Mom of Three


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