Ten Little Bunnies- latest product from 4aKid

Ten Little Bunnies- latest product from 4aKid - 4aKid

Ten little bunnies is a funny short colourful eBook for kids. The story is actually narrated in a rhyme format. Visit our exclusive collection of eBooks for kids.

Once, there lived ten little bunnies in different colours. They were happy and played together. One day, they were all playing together. At one stage, one bunny had lost from the group. The number of bunnies in the group gradually reduces in each play and each activity. It ends up with one little bunny, who tried to regenerate the remaining nine little bunnies.

Ten little bunnies were dancing for music. One little bunny missed a step and lost from the crew. Nine little bunnies continued to play, where one little bunny jumped from the group when trying to hop a gate and lost from the group. Eight little bunnies went to heaven, where one little bunny was stung by a honeybee! The eighth one lost from the group and the seven little bunnies carried a few bricks, where one little bunny could not carry the weight. He told others, he needs some rest and lost from the group.

Similarly, nine bunnies lost from the group one by one for some reasons and finally, the last little bunny got a magic stick. He was trying to bring back all bunnies and form the group. What happened then?

There were bunnies in pink, orange, yellow, brown, white, grey, blue and many colours. The story is narrated with rhythmic words and fancy words, gives an enjoyable read. Swash, Swoop, Hoop, Boom, Heeelp, Sweep – these fancy words add more zest to read the eBook!

The interesting part of the story is colourful pictures and illustrations. Young kids can easily follow the eBook and enjoy reading.

It is a simple funny rhyme illustrated through colourful painted images. You can ask your child to look at the pictures and explain the story. Don’t miss giving a read, rather just a glance!

It is very funny, very colourful and very entertaining. A must to read, read along eBook for kids. It is available as an online eBook and can be downloaded.



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