10+ Social Media Marketing Tips To Beat the Algorithms

10+ Social Media Marketing Tips To Beat the Algorithms - 4aKid

Every day the number of social media users grows by an average of more than one million. Internet Live Stats show that there are more than 8,500 tweets and 900 Instagram photos sent and uploaded in one second respectively.

It’s getting more difficult for small businesses and freelancers to survive in this flow of posts. There are proven ways to hack your way through social feeds and get your clicks, likes, and shares. 

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The first universal social media for businesses tip is to set goals and think what exactly they’d like to achieve with every social media platform.

  • Start your own group on social
  • Use social media networks as search engines
  • Create guest posts for 3rd party platforms
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Social Media Tricks for Instant Engagement

Engaging your audience early on is crucial and here are some hacks to make headway towards better reach and engagement. 

  • Post at the right time
  • Avoid outbound links on social
  • Tag your location
  • Upload video content to social platforms first
  • Use Chatbots within Facebook Messenger to engage users 

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Social Media Posting Tips

When it comes to social media posting, there are a number of social media tips and tricks to remember. Every social network has its own rules, and you should follow them properly.

  • Post consistently
  • Targeted Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Post to groups from your business page
  • Use hashtags on LinkedIn business pages 
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