5 Key Benefits of Sensory Play

5 Key Benefits of Sensory Play - 4aKid

Look. Listen. Touch. Smell. Taste. Five fundamental elements of life that we often take for granted.

These are the senses that we’re born with and quickly learn to adapt with as we journey through our initial development phases. Each of us will experience them in slightly differing ways, and some will of course suffer additional challenges or certain limitations to one or more sense, but we will all go through life engaging with the world in large part through our senses. In this day and age, there are a plethora of activities used to engage young children, many aimed at helping them experiment with the key attributes associated with the five predominant senses as they grow, both in home and educational environments.


These methods tend to recruit a variety of textures, substances, ingredients and props in general which come together to create an overall awareness and stimulation of the core senses. Everything from playdough, water/sand play, sensory bags, finger painting and interaction with animals, music, or light, even trampolining; there’s an almost inexhaustible selection to choose from today! The benefits which academics have discovered to be most clear when toddlers embrace sensory play are varied, but include the following truths now commonly acknowledged by those tailoring early years learning packages.

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