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GoTalk 20+ Recorder

Special Needs Communication Devices

For children and adults who are unable or reluctant to use their voices. Alternative devices can make communicating needs and emotions easier

For children and adults who are unable or reluctant to use their voices. Alternative devices can make communicating needs and emotions easier

The Tiny Talker

The Tiny Talker is a simple way for you to communicate through a speaking device. Simply press a button, and it speaks for you. It has a simple 12 button design and clear voice audio to allow you to express basic wants and needs. This is a very inexpensive way to try out a speaking device. You can buy one for home, one for school, and one caregivers. The Tiny Talker is small enough to fit in your pocket and go with you anywhere. The unit runs off a small battery. No chargers. Unlike iPad apps and augmentative communication devices, The Tiny Talker is ready to go when you need it. No need to find the device, open the app, and search the screen for what to say. Its portability means it is always handy - which should help to avoid fits and meltdowns when your loved one wants to express himself immediately. Large 3/4" square buttons are soft and easy to push for most of those with fine motor delays. The Tiny Talker would be helpful for young babies, non-verbal children and adults, aging adults, stroke victims, and more. Sounds include: I'm sorry, Television, More Please, I want to play, I'm Thirsty, I'm Hungry, No, Yes, Help Please, Hurt, All Done, Bathroom. This is the best option to try before you buy an expensive AAC. Helps the user advance on a simple, low cost device before advancing to a costly unit. Please visit our website at to view a video of the unit to help you decide if this unit is right for you.

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Cover Recordable 20 Seconds Surprise Message Talking Button Record Answer Buzzers Set of 2 (Red-Black)

Easy and funny way to talk with friends, children!
Have the Cover recordable talking button, to bring your own voice to them!

Also a great sound transmission with clear playback!
Record voice of people who aren't around, excellent gift& super idea to have a blast recording for your friends!

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AbleNet QuickTalker 23; A Portable Dedicated Speech generating Device# 10003503

Easy-to-use, go-anywhere communicator! With QuickTalker, your students will be ready to start communicating in minutes. The variety of message locations and 6 minutes of total recording time- and five available levels - provide the flexibility you need to customize the learning outcomes for each student.

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Plastic Visual ASD Behavior Keyring (Picture Communication Symbols)

This is a useful, pocket sized keyring, which contains some essential behavior instructions designed for use out and about. This is especially important when trying to manage an individual’s behavior, and to help them modify their own behavior to what is socially acceptable. it includes 21 both positive and negative behavior symbols. It also includes a blank card at the back, for your own design or for storing reward tokens (not included). This product, like all our products, was inspired by some of the difficulties we have gone through in raising our own autistic son over the years, and includes a lot of strategies that have helped him to cope with some of the challenges life can bring.

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EZ Board Vidatak Patient Communication Board, Picture Board

Vidatak Patient Picture Board -English. Medical communication board for non-verbal patients. Product and clinical info can be viewed at An Innovation in Communication The Joint Commission for Accreditation of Healthcare Organization (JCAHO) has improved their patient communication standards of care by requiring hospitals and other caregiving organizations to document each patient/resident’s ability and means to communicate. The Vidatak EZ Board is an inexpensive way to help your organization meet the 2006 National Patient Safety Goals. The Vidatak EZ Board is the only clinical, research-based communication intervention for the non-verbal patient/resident, and it was actually designed by those who were unable to speak. Use of the Vidatak EZ Board has been shown to reduce patient/resident frustration and increase satisfaction with care. You will find the Vidatak EZ Board to be an essential communication tool for patients/residents with communication impairments. Using this board the verbally-disabled can express wants, convey needs, and indicate the type, degree and location of pain that they may be experiencing. The board features: Large, easy-to-read text in 16 languages An "I Am" column to indicate state of being An "I Want" column to indicate wants and needs Pictures of the body to indicate needs in a certain area Color-coded pain intensity levels from 0-10 to describe listed discomforts Dry-erase construction with dry-erase marker included Overall size: 11” x 17”. 

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Talking Tiles, Voice Recorder, 80 Seconds Recording, Pack of 6. Ideal for Speaking and Listening Activities and Independent Living

Record and playback 80 seconds of speech, music or sound effects. Includes a removable clear cover that allows you to create pictures, symbols, numbers, words or letters to match your recordings. Includes an AUDIO-IN socket that enables you to zrecord audio directly from a Computer or Mobile Phone.

The large size and robust housing is ideal for children with visual or motor skill impairments.
Talking Tiles are tactile and multi-sensory, keeping children actively engaged with learning.

Ideal for educational speaking and listening activities. Can also be used in conjunction with a variety of phonics, speech and language resources and programs such as gotalk, big point, italk, littlemack, tiny talker, bigmack communicators, EAL, SpLD and EYFS. Ideal for a SENCO. Tactile and multi-sensory to assist low vision users and children with a variety of special educational needs including Dyslexia, Dyspraxia and Autism.

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GoTalk 20+ Recorder, 9 x 12 x 1-1/4 Inches

The power of 100-plus messages! The GoTalk 20-Plus is a lightweight, rugged augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) aid. It has a 100 message capacity (20 keys, each 1-inch square, and five recording levels) PLUS five "core messages" which stay the same on each level so you don't need to re-record essential messages such as "Hello" and "All done" for each level. 15 minutes recording time. GoTalks provide fantastic sound with volume control, easy sequential recording, quick level erase, built-in overlay storage, record lock and level lock. It's a GoTalk so it's easy-to-use and affordably priced! Uses 2 AA batteries (included). One year manufacturer's limited warranty. Size: 9" x 12" x 1-1/8" Weight: 23 oz. About AAC Aids: Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) involves using nonverbal means (symbols, pictures, writing, etc.) to express thoughts. People with speech or language challenges may use AAC to supplement or replace speech. AAC aids such as picture and symbol communication boards and electronic devices help these individuals express themselves, and support social interaction, school performance and personal confidence. Also available with GoTalk Overlay Software for making custom overlays.

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Learning Resources Basic Vocabulary Photo Cards, Vocab/Phonics Learning, 156 Cards, Ages 5+

Help students build vocabulary by engaging with 16 everyday themes. Write & wipe cards feature a photograph with words on one side. While the reverse side features an image and space for writing. Includes activity guide. Reverse features image, plus space for writing the word(s) for assessment. The Learning Resources Basic Vocabulary Photo Cards Set Features: 156 double-sided photo cards

  • Write and wipe cards feature a photograph and words on one side, and an image and space for writing on the reverse side
  • Help students build vocabulary by engaging with 16 everyday themes
  • Set includes 156 photo cards, and 16-page activity guide
  • Cards measure 3.5” Square
  • Ideal for ages 5+

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