Become a 4aKid Affiliate

What is the 4aKid affiliate referral program?

The 4aKid Affiliate Referral Program allows you to earn commission on sales from your special affiliate link by posting on:
1. Facebook and other social media platforms
2. Website
3. Blogs
4. Twitter
5. 4aKid catalogues
6. Weekly mailers from 4aKid
7. or even by email!

How does it work?
It is so easy. Just add product pictures to your website, Facebook page, 4aKid catalogue, adverts or blog-link back to the 4aKid website with your special affiliate referral code. Every time a client clicks through to the 4aKid website from your website, catalogue, blog, Facebook page or advert with YOUR affiliate link and makes a purchase from the website, you earn the commission. As simple as that!

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