Bright Spark and Focus Formula for ADD and ADHD Guide

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What is ADHD?

ADHD is very common and affects 3 to 5 percent of all children. Even more children are troubled by concentration and hyperactivity problems that have never been diagnosed. Two to three times more boys than girls are affected. On the average, at least one child in every classroom needs help for concentration problems, which often continue into adolescence and adulthood, and can cause a lifetime of frustrated dreams and emotional pain.

Treat ADHD the natural way 

Rather than prescribing strong and sometimes addictive psychiatric drugs, natural approaches take a more holistic look at the individual and take into account diet, lifestyle, personality type, surroundings and emotional factors. ADHD can be treated holistically. 

BrightSpark & Focus Formula were formulated by a Clinical Psychologist more than 18 years ago and have helped thousands of children around the world to sit still in class and concentrate - without the side effects of harmful prescription drugs!

Top-Selling Safe, Natural Herbal concentration & hyperactivity remedies formulated by a Clinical Psychologist. Feelgood Health Focus ADHD Formula and Bright Spark is a 100% safe, non-addictive alternative treatment for ADHD. Without the risks and side effects of prescription psychiatric drugs.

BrightSpark reduces hyperactivity and restlessness
Focus Formula Improves brain health, concentration, memory and attention span

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