Testimonials and reviews about 4aKid from our clients

I appreciate your excellent service. It goes a long way! 

  • Leeanne


Pakkie ontvang!!!! Baie baie dankie!!!! Mooi dag! 

  • Lilane


I got my shipment the same day I ordered and love the quality of the products. Thanks so much

  • Amanda


Many thanks !!!! Great service as always 😊

  • Monica 


Thank you for your response. Your service has once again been excellent.

  • Su-lene


Thank you so much for the awesome recipes on the recipe blog emails,  you make meal times less stressful and fun. 

  • Robyn


As always the very best!!!  I cannot complain about a thing. Thank you, for great service. 

  • Melani


Would like to say thank you. I was super impressed to receive my purchase on the same day and pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product.

  • Kimberley


Thank you so so much for this awesome gift. My kids love everything!

  • Maritsa


My daughter loves her new poppits

  • Sohana 


Thanks so so much for the delivery. My son is going to be over the moon. 

  • Desire


I have received the parcel with in 2 days after ordering. Very happy with the quality of the product.  Thank you soo much.

  • Jessica


Thank you very much for the excellent service!! I was very impressed and happy to receive the parcel today!! Exceptional service, will recommend to my colleagues and friend!!

  • Hanro


Thank you very much!! I appreciate the good service!!

  • Hanro


Thank you so much i have received the poppers all 4 of them. This is such a awesome calming toy for kids to play with, my daughter loves it so much. Thank for all your support.

  • Lorraine


Brilliant  service and delivery . Excellent quality product for kids. The kids love the colors. 

  • Desigan


Thank you so much for the Felt Nappy Caddie, it is so amazing to have in the house, I have a double story house so going upstairs every time to change my baby gets a bit tiring but since having the nappy Caddie it’s been amazing, I keep everything downstairs with me including my portable nappy changing Mat. Once again, it’s an amazing product to have in the house and I will definitely recommend this to all my friends with kids and who are having kids ☺️

  • Amy


Many thanks for the prompt delivery of the jolly jumper. My granddaughter loves it.

  • Adele


Thank you for such amazing service! 

  • Samantha


Thank you for the amazing and speedy service. Will definitely be returning as a customer. 

  • Shamima


Thank you for your excellent service.

  • Theresa 


What a super site and great service, am so impressed! Thanks😊

  • Heather


Dear Ally, what an amazing service, wow. thank you so much, I really the parcel from you this morning. Cannot believe it 🙂 thanks so much again!! hope you have an amazing friday and weekend. xxx

  • Manon


Thank you for the best service and a wonderful book! It keeps by busy 2 year old busy! You also have the quickest service I’ve ever received!!

  • Annemi


Your orders went fast and delivery really easy handled!! Love your system!! The product are good quality, affordable and loveable!! Thanx

  • Marelize


Excellent product. Love it

  • Hantie


I just received my parcel. It's awesome! Thank you so much.

  • Sunthurie 


I am very happy with my purchase and your prompt and efficient service.

  • Lorraine


Wow - what great service!! I have already received my small parcel even tho I elected for economy delivery.  Thank you - I will be using you again. 

  • Jillian


I would like to thank you for the parcel received it about 20 min ago thanks for the fast and accurate service.  I'd definitely recommend you.

  • Carin 


Thank you for a awesome product. My grandson loves it. Keeps him busy.

  • Shirley 


My granddaughter absolutely adore her sewing machine which was for her birthday last week!  Thanks for great service.

  • Linda


I luv the product. Its great quality and gives me good piece of mind that my child will be save by my side in a busy mall or market. But the best of all was your service and immediate response to emails even though you were on leave. Thanks again, I will Certainly tell all my Mommy friends about you and your products! 

  • Anri


Thank, I'm always impressed with your products and services, I have actually also referred a few people as well.  Thank you once again.

  • Wendy


Amazing Products.. 😍

  • Julia


I just wanted to express my gratitude on your amazing customer service and speedy delivery. Also your prices are great. Thank you once again.

  • Wendy


The courier just delivered my order. Thank you for excellent service!

  • Ilza


The order was delivered yesterday I am so happy. Once again thank you for the amazing assistance and wonderful customer service. 

  • Vanessa


Thank you for the prompt service. I received my order now which is an exceptional turnaround time for delivery.  Thanks for the voucher as that will help with my next purchase. I have always been asked numerous times about my previous order(safety wrist strap) and have always referred them to order from your site. Please keep up the good work and will definitely be making use of your services again.  

  • Romalin


Thanks soooooo much ordered yesterday afternoon and already received it just after 8. Fantastic customer service!

  • Karen


This is just to advise that everything went perfect with delivery of my order and to thank you  for your excellent professional/customer friendly service and for the superb overall online shopping experience with your company. 

  • Dr Nash


Just wanted to email to say thank you for the excellent service!! Parcel arrived Saturday morning and we could not believed it. The product will make a little girl very happy this festive season. 

  • Fonda


Thanks so much Ally. Excellent service. I ordered early yesterday morning, and my parcel was delivered same day. I hope your business goes from strength to strength!

  • Christelle


Love what you are doing for us mommies and kiddies.  Greetings to you and your team❤️ 

  • Candace


Thanks for the great service Ally. We love the harnesses!

  • Lisa


Thank you so much for your excellent customer service. I am truly amazed & grateful.

  • Rowena


Order placed and already with the courier.  I’m really impressed. J

  • Eloise


Thank you so much! Your service was absolutely amazing! Haven't received an order that quick after placing the order. 

  • Hawabibi  


I have to compliment you on your speedy replies and actions taken brilliant service!!!!! 

  • Nikki


Thank you so much for my order. I have just received it!!! Your service is FANTASTIC!!!!

  • Karen


We just received the order. Thank you so much for your speedy service. I will definitely work with you again!

  • Shavaugne


It's a pleasure doing business with 4aKid. You can count on professional service and fast delivery. I recommend them to anyone. Thank you

  • Colin


I just want to say thank you for my order received.  This was the fastest that I received an item I ordered. Will definitely order again. Your site has a lot of good items. 

  • Francisca


Thank you so much! You guys are awesome 😁🌻

  • Christine


The only thing I can say is WOW and thank you, for excellent services. I am definitely going to tell everyone about excellent services. 

  • Juanita


Well done on a good business model, I do love that I could order from overseas here for my daughter. I wish you much success :)

  • Ingrid


I got to compliment you for the AMAZING service

  • Fathima


I opened my box and i am pleased thank you so much. I loved that i received it so quick and in good condition. My kids super duper enjoy it 😊

  • Thirona


Thank you so so so much! The package arrived....and just in time too! You are an absolute star!!! Thank you so much for always letting me know what the status of the delivery time was...you made my life easier and you understood the urgency. Thank you so much, I will definitely buy from you again and again! You and your company will definitely be rewarded for your friendly and helpful service.

  • Jana


I just had to email you to thank you and compliment you on the terrific service. I placed my order yesterday afternoon and received my order early this morning ! I’m so impressed. Thank you so much ! Everything is even more incredible ❤️

  • Fathima


Thank you so much for the speedy delivery. The product is amazing. I will review it on the website and I’ll definitely be ordering again✅

  • Moipone


Just wanted to let you know that I received my order today in time for birthday celebrations. So happy!

  • Farzana


Thank u so much. I will definitely support you again😁

  • Marlene


The product is amazing with excellent results.

  • Monique


As always AMAZING SERVICE!!! Love ordering from you. I always get my orders within  2 days and the quality of the items are really good. Thank you! 

  • Leandri


Received my parcel yesterday. Thank you for great products.

  • Yolandi


The best of the best. They communicate very step and their service is very fast and efficient. This is a premium seller!!!

  • Dirk


I have been meaning to send a message just to say thank you for the fantastic service and prompt delivery.

  • Elize


Thank you so much. Very surprised on the quick delivery time and happy with the product I received.  Will def visit your online shopping site again!

  • Bianca


Thank you so much for the awesome service. Have a lovely day

  • Nutan


Thank you for the fantastic service.

  •  Amy


I placed an order on Sunday and received it this morning. Thank you so much for your amazing service! 

  • Drishka


I have just received my order and would like to thank you for excellent service and speedy delivery. 

  • Marushka 


I want to praise you, am sure you get this a lot. Though in my experience insofar as a newbie for online store you one awesome individual your assistance its uplifting and motivating unlike few others I network with. Thank you ever so much .... your positive energy is heartfelt.

  • Bea


Parcel has arrived. Thank you again and fantastic quality. I will promote this! 

  • Jessica 


Just want to thank you for your incredible service! It’s Eli’s third birthday on the 14th and I have been stressing out that lockdown would affect his gifts getting here in time, but you went over and beyond!

  • Megan


Thanks Ally! I liked your mask design for kids, easy for them to put on and remove by themselves.  Thanks for being so efficient with the processing and shipping!

  • Samantha


You really made our day when we received the pink keep pads.  It was so kind of you, we really appreciate it

  • Abdullah


I enjoy your products and really appreciate the free E-Book

  • Candice


Thank you for the quick delivery!

  • Angie


Thank you for your very good service. I am so happy and I like my order . defiantly is not the last time to buy from you guys. Thank you 😊

  • Noor


Your service was phenomenal

  • Jeanette

I am thrilled with all the items that I ordered as well as the excellent service! Definitely going to add 4aKid to our go-to list of online options. J


  • Natalie


I have no words on how amazing your service has been. Purchased goodies in the morning and already same day they arrive. I am blown away . Thank you so very much for everything 

  • Lisa


Thank you very much for the great service

  • Refiloe


I must compliment you, your business and service is remarkable 

  • Moeghamad


I just wanna thank 4akid for the professional service and speedy delivery, i received my parcel so fast i didnt excepted it and i am a happy client, i am so impressed, surely i can recommend you to my friends and family. 

  • Pamela


Thank you so much for your gr8 service I will recommend you to other. And will definitely do business again.

  • Jennie


I would like to thank you for my prize.My daughters were so excited when it arrived this afternoon.It is perfect as one daughter loves puzzles and the other loves solving mysteries.(future Sherlock Holmes!). You have some lovely products in your shop and I wish you all the success in your business. 

  • Ameena Randeree


Wow I’m totally blown away by your quick delivery- thank you!! And thank you for the voucher! I’ll be ordering again soon.

  • Candice


Wanted to email yesterday to say thank you for the quick delivery.  My granddaughter is going to love the gifts I have bought her and the spade and beach goodies are definitely going to be enjoyed on the beach.

  •  Merryl Vos


Wow I am totally amazed with product AND blown away by how quick the order and delivery process works, I have just received my parcel. Thank you. 

  • Angelique


Thank you very much for the very nice surprise I received at the office this morning!  What a generous gift! My grandsons will be delighted with all the nice new things to play with.  When I received the call to say I am the winner of the Living & Loving gift, I really did not expect it to be such a generous gift.  Thank you so much! Much appreciated!

  • Charmaine du Toit


Thank you so much. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sell your items and to earn extra cash. Thank you also for your quick and friendly service and responses and for all your help. You are the best. 🌺💞

  •  Rozanne Fourie 


On behalf of Kayise and her PR Team. I would like to thank you for sponsoring Kayise Ngqula's Baby Birthday Celebration with your services. Your support has made this possible. Your contribution has enabled us to bring smiles to Kayise and Zuko at a time of distress. As you can imagine how horrific the last event of her life has been.

Kayise is so happy and very grateful for the sponsorship. We also except that your services/company will get the necessary exposure through Kayise and be able to establish a good relationship with the audience.

We once again thank you for your valued sponsorship for Kayise's Baby Birthday Celebration and hope to work together again in the future.

  • Kayise Ngqula and Rallinca Media


Wow, your service is excellent! In little more than 24 hours I've placed my order, paid for it and received it! Thank you so much.

  • Anel


So baie dankie vir my awesome geskenkpakkie saam met di nuwe wet wipe pouch wat jul gestuur het,ek waardeer dit so baie en sal.def gereeld gebruik maak van jul produkte.
  • Martell van Zyl


The service was really fantastic and we love your products!!!! Keep it up!!
  • Shannon Campbell


Thank you so much for the opportunity to be the winner for this amazingly beautiful prize. I handed it over to my granddaughter last night when I got home, and she loved it too.
  • Maria Dobson


My granddaughter is 8 and a half months old and is very active. This product is wonderful and she is sleeping peacefully now. Thank for the great product Sleepy Sprinkles.
  • Michelle Kilian


I just wanted to thank you all for the good service no complaints goodies was all there packaging was in good condition and I appreciate everybody going that extra mile over the weekend.
  • Engela


I received the message on Saturday and received my lovely hamper. Beautiful from inside out. My baby was so happy. 4aKid is the best without a doubt. Feeling so blessed!  Have a lovely day!
  • Koos


A huge thank you to 4 A KID. My son loves his gift thank you for your excellent service and for putting a smile on my baby's face.
  • Taren


Thank you SO, SO, SO, SO much - I just received my parcel now.  Wow - what wonderful service from you guys - I will not hesitate to recommend 4aKid to anyone - what amazing service.
  • Karen


Thank you so much for this opportunity. It has really given me some more financial freedom to provide for my family.
  • Lize (4aKid Reseller)


I'm so overwhelmed with your products and the service is GREAT! Thank you for changing my life as well as loads of other people. Thank you.
  • Monique @ Mumkin (4aKid Reseller)


This is just a courtesy e-mail just to say thank you for the voucher. I also wanted to say that my son Liam loves the night light so much, we have to switch it on for him every night before he goes to sleep.
  • Kim


At this point I just need to thank you as a business owner for the opportunity you created for ordinary people to also run a business without huge capital investments!, really appreciated!
  • Marina (4aKid Reseller)


Just wanted to take the time to write you a email to thank you for your amazing and quick service always. Its rare to get people to have amazing attitudes or to be quick in anyway or helpfull. Thanks so much
  • Danette (4aKid Reseller)


I would just like to say a big thank you for the order below and the extra present!  My little girl loves those dolls so much!
  • Stephanie


I'm so happy and the products is amazing. And I just get good feedback from my clients. And that makes me proud .
  • Elizabeth (4aKid Reseller)


I have been purchasing from 4aKid for 2 months now and the service is impeccable! The products are of very high quality and I am beyond impressed!
  • Laura (4aKid Reseller)


There are wonderful products and your site..... love them all. I especially love the affiliated link, as people can "shop" in their own time...... Thanking you for having me on your wonderful team
  • Loraina (4aKid Reseller)


4akid products are awesome, innovative and quality products for kids and moms. What a select range to cater for everyone!
  • Margaret (4aKid Reseller)


I’m so impressed with the communication and info that i have received thus far. Hope to have a wonderful selling experience on our products.
  • Cindy (4aKid Reseller)


I just want to say that i have been really impressed with 4akid, i have tried many opportunities like this and have been very disappoint in the running of things, the lack of communication and support system. But with 4akid it has been just great, when information is need it is there, stock updates, product info everything. Their service on ordering and dispatch are just wonderful and i have not had any issues regarding this...Products are of a wide and great quality, i love the products and so do my clients. Smiles all round.  Joining 4akid has been the best decision i have made. Thank You.
  • Nataly (4aKid Reseller)


It’s been amazing. I wish all our suppliers were this dynamic.
  • Kurt (4aKid Reseller)


Thank you so much for the best customer service - I received the colour I wanted on take-a-lot.
  • Claudia


I'd like to share my story, in the hopes that even one mommy will take my words to heart. On Mother's day 2015 my boyfriend and I were involved in a terrible car accident. A driver overtaking 5 vehicles on the highway forced us off the road. My boyfriend broke his back in three places, I cracked a vertebrae, and had arm, face, leg, rib and hip injuries (amongst others). I had always worn a Secure-A-Kid seatbelt support, because I hate having the seatbelt bite into me, or squash my chest. These are designed for little ones, but are fabulous for adults too - especially women with big boobs like mine. The Secure a Kid just makes travelling so much more comfortable. Unfortunately, that day, we took his car and I wasn't wearing mine. I KNOW that if I had been wearing it, I wouldn't have had damaged ribs, I would have been in a far better position and the seatbelt wouldn't have hurt me as badly as what it did. Please don't get me wrong, I am not advocating driving without a seatbelt. Without our seatbelts on, we would both have been killed. I cringe to think what would have happened if the lady driving behind us had been forced off the road instead of us, because she had two little ones in her car. Please, have a look at this product and consider investing in your child's safety. If you are like me, and are a little "fuller" on top than what you'd like, please consider buying one for yourself too. And PLEASE, never tuck the top part of your seatbelt under your arm. I have spoken to so many women who admit to doing this. It is extremely dangerous to wear your seatbelt this way.
  • Louise


I have received my girls smitten sets and I'm really loving it.Thank you SO MUCH For you excellent service! I really appreciate it. 10+  stars from me💫 I'll definitely support you again Soon.
  • Nuryah💐


Thanks you so very much!  I love all the items.  And the little urinal is just in time for potty training…
  • Nurie


We have tried 2 other bath seats from well-known brands & we just weren't happy at all as she could not even reach her toys properly. Our Ava Mia is 7 months old, sitting on her own and she likes freedom. The 4AKID bath seat really allows that for her as she is Little Miss Independent however Mom & Dad are kept happy as it still allows the support of her back and the "steering wheel" in front. I think Dad likes it more because it looks like a little car :) We are really chuffed with this purchase, and especially like the thermometer fitted into it too, the suction cups really stick well & there is no movement of the mat or seat whatsoever (the opposite of the other 2 bath seats we tried). We would give this product 5 stars & would highly recommend it for any babies 6 months +.
  • Chaz


I have 2 of these and they are the BEST purchases I have ever made. I took them with me when I went to the UK with my kids so that they were also safe and secure in ANY car 👌👏
  • Corinne


  • Zulaikha


I just want to say thank you for excellent service! I ordered on Friday and I have already received my parcel today. I will definitely order again from you. Thank you very much!
  • Mariana


Thank you very much, we received our secure a kid, just what our son needed. He also loves it. Thanks again
  • Essy Mdluli


Hi Ally, thanks so much, such wonderful service is hard to come by these days. Will definately be using 4akid again
  • Karrie


Just want to give you testimonial about the seatbelt harness. My husband and kids was in a car accident on Friday morning and if my kids did not have the harness on, their injuries would have been much serve. Luckily they walked away with body stiffness of the impact. My daughter would have broken her neck or pelvis if she did not have that harness on.
  • Sue Pretorius


Got my package yesterday morning. Just want to say thank you. The service is way beyond the top. Super fast and problem free. Will recommend and will definitely be buying soonish.
  • Saadieqah


Thank you so much for the epic service, I have received my parcel already 😊. If this is the kind of service you deliver then I will have some very happy customers. Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you
  • Annie


Awesome service and awesome products!! Really making life easy, fun and safe with little ones around!!
  • Michelle (4aKid Reseller)


I’m seriously considering removing all non-4AKid products from my online store. Dealing with you is so simple and streamlined and I never have a doubt that my customers are going to be pleased with the quick delivery of their orders. It has been a dream.
  • Andrea (4aKid Reseller)


My experiences with Ally and the 4akid team have only ever been nothing but exceptional.   Quick response to emails, immediate service and never have I been disappointed in any of my transactions in the approximate 8 years I have been using their service.   5 Star treatment always.
  • Colleen (4aKid Reseller)

Love 4aKid. Awesome products and excellent service. Never had any problems. 
  • Samantha (4aKid Reseller)


My experience is always great. Ally is always willing to help me.  Love the products. Like something different in my shop.
  • Carmen (4aKid Reseller)


Just a short note to say a sincere thank-you for allowing Lillybugs Baby Cart to be apart of your journey. Truly professional and great service rendered from 4AKid. Keep it up!
  • Shaun (4aKid Reseller)