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If you also want to get a little something different, something unique and something great for a baby shower, 4aKid is the right place!

Baby showers are a special time. It is a wonderful way to celebrate your baby-to-be with family and friends. At 4aKid, we boast exciting baby shower gifts for both mom and baby.

Backpack Baby Bag

A navy backpack nappy bag. The image shows the front pocket of the bag open with 3 baby bottle inside. On the right it shows the back of the bag closed and open. The bottom right shows an image of the bag open from the top looking inside.Both stylish and luxurious, this Navy Backpack Baby Bag has a large capacity space to carry both baby & mommy necessities. Ideal for dads too! This awesome baby bag is of excellent quality and is waterproof against leaks and spills. Available in peach, navy, black, grey, aqua and red. Read More

Quilted Nylon Backpack Baby Bag 

Assorted colour quilted nylon backpack baby bags.This Quilted Nylon Backpack Baby Bag has a striking diamond design for moms who like a splash of texture. Available in black, grey, pink, red and navy. Read More 

Reusable Wet Wipes Pouch

Blue & Grey Zigzag Reusable Wet Wipes Pouch with nylon strap.Wet wipes are one of the most versatile personal hygiene products that will keep you and your baby clean throughout the day but can dry out quickly. Not only will this Reusable Wet Wipes Pouch keep your wipes moist but will also add a touch of colour and fun to your baby style. Available in assorted designs and colours. Read More

Elephant Baby Pillow

Plush grey elephant pillow.The perfect addition to your baby's bedding collection. Let your little one get cosy with this cute plush elephant pillow. Cute gift for friends and families with babies, infants and kids too. Read More

Baby Burp Cloths 3pc

3 assorted white burp cloths with different designs.Babies are messy and whether its drool, spit-up or feeding time, your precious baby can now do it in style. These 3pc Baby Burp Cloths are an essential baby accessory, and this pack is up for the challenge. Available in assorted colours and designs. Read more

Baby Beanie and Bib Set

3 assorted grey baby beanie and bib sets in assorteded designs.Both stylish and functional, this Baby Beanie and Bib Set months will keep your precious babe warm and drool-free without compromising their look. A fashionable addition to your infant's wardrobe! Available in 0-3 months and 3-6 months. Read More

Pacifier Clips 

Crochet pacifier clip with metal brace clip.Gives your baby's dummy that chic boho flair! 4aKid has a beautiful range of crocheted and braided Pacifier Clips. These clips are perfect to keep your baby's pacifier in close reach, clean and germ-free. Read More

Felt Nappy Organizer Caddy 

Grey felt nappy organiser.The best portable accessory to use from room to room. It is sure to keep your baby products perfectly organized and changing essentials within reach. Read More

Baby Water Play Mat

Water play mat.Encourage tummy time play while stimulating your baby's imagination at the same time with this ocean theme Baby Water Play Mat. Read More