Easy children’s room ideas

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Have fun with these simple but creative ideas that’ll ring the changes in kids’ rooms without turning into a full redo

Children are easily pleased, said no one ever! Planning a successful child’s bedroom scheme depends on plenty of forward-thinking. Good storage, multi-functional furniture that serves a child’s changing needs, and imaginative décor are all key. A balance between form and function will result in a hard-working layout that stands the test of time.

1. Create a magical wall design with butterflies

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Image credit: James French

If you are looking for a way to jazz up a plain bedroom for your little princess why not recreate this butterfly wall. Either cut out butterfly shapes from coloured card or buy some appliqué butterflies from the haberdashers. Plan where you want them to go on the wall and attach with glue dots or command strips. Try and use different shapes, materials and colours to create a mural with depth.

2. Create more space with a high rise bed

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Image credit: Polly Eltes

If you’re child’s bedroom isn’t that big, make sure there is plenty of space for them to to play with a high rise bed. Wallpaper under the bed and fill it with cushions to create a cosy hideaway to sit and read a book.

3. Inspire your child with a flexible gallery wall

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Jeremy Phillips

Create a child friendly gallery wall by hanging plastic or wooden frames without the glass. Your kids can then easily swap in artwork and move pictures depending on there interests at the time. One week it could be full of dinosaurs the next week their hot wheels could be in pride of place. For an easier short cut try fixing a string ‘washing line’ to the wall with a few wooden pegs to clip up cards and postcards.

4. Spark your child’s imagination with a teepee

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Little Greene

There are plenty of indoor teepees for sale at the moment but why not try your hand at making one yourself for a fraction of the price? Rig up a makeshift teepee by tying a few bamboo canes together at one end with string. Cut a hole in the middle of an old bed sheet, and pop over the frame. Then simply cut a flap for a door and put lots of cushions and books inside, you kids with love it.

5. Make a custom lego table

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: ColIn Poole

All boys and girls love playing with lego at some point. If your little one is going through a lego phase and you are fed up of extracting stray lego bricks from your toes why not create an inexpensive lego table for your kids to build and display their creations. Pick up an inexpensive flatpack table, and use strong glue to stick a few Lego baseplates to the tabletop, all that is left is for your children to test your handy work.

6. Update old furniture with chalkboard paint

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Rachel Whiting

Embrace the eclectic look by painting an old piece of furniture with chalk paint and letting your kids loose with the chalk. It will spark there creativity as they draw new designs or practice there handwriting, and will add to the bright and cheerful look of the room. This is your kids room, so it’s important to get them involved in the decoration and let them put there stamp on it in this simple (reversible) way.

7. Cover the walls in bright colours

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Homebase

Have some fun with pops of neon brights in a playroom or bedroom for all ages. If you are worried about painting an entire wall neon green, tip your toe in by creating random, geometric shapes on a plain white painted wall using strips of masking tape, then fill in each shape using bright and zingy shades. Pick the colours out with other accessories such as shelves or storage buckets to carry the colour throughout the room.

8. Pick a wallpaper design that will last

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Rachael Smith

When choosing a wallpaper in a kid’s room it can be tempting to go straight for the cute animal design or elaborate floral print, while these will still look gorgeous if you would like to guarantee that the wallpaper will last well into there teen years go for something more subtle. This mint green and white checked wall paper will last your child from when they’re in a cot until they’re leaving for university.

9. Make space for a desk

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Joanna Henderson

Make sure young students have the right environment to take on homework or revision by creating plenty of storage at their desk. Wallpaper or paint behind the shelves and cubby holes to create a fun yet stimulating workspace, they might not thank you for it, but trust us they’ll be grateful when they’re stuck at there desk studying for there GCSE’s.

10. Add a splash of colour with blinds

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Shutterly Fabulous

These rainbow shutters will instantly brighten up your tot’s room. If you already have shutters  consider getting creative with your colour choices, colourful blinds are a great alternative to shutters as they make it easy to control light levels for nap time, plus if your little one suffers from asthma or allergies. Blinds are easier to wipe clean of dust and fluff than curtains or blinds.

11. Break up a monochrome room with bursts of colour

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Simon Whitmore

A monochrome scheme can easily be completed with splashes of your child’s favourite accent colour, and it’s easy to update the look if they change their style as they grow older. Be daring with a shade that packs a punch, like orange or lime.

12. Embrace a theme

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Graham Atkins-Hughes

Kids might change there mind often, but sometimes you can’t beat a good theme in a bedroom. A jungle theme is perfect for seeing your little ones from toddlers through to their early teens. To create a rainforest backdrop, paint a wall in a green base colour, then draw a simple treeline one third of the way down the wall. Paint the wall below it in your next colour. Repeat twice more, moving the treeline lower and using a darker paint. Let each coat dry before applying the next.

13. Add stars and strips to the room

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: Window Film Company

You can’t go wrong with a classic star scheme for either gender – and it ages well, too. Go for star-studded bedding and accessories in bright colours and jazz up plain white walls with starry decals and stickers. Keep the background bright white and add stripes or checks, too.

14. Turn old crates into shelves

Easy children's room ideas

Image credit: James Merrell

Attach a few old wooden crates to the wall for the perfect place to keep books and toys. Paint them yourself in colours to match their room, or make a project of it and let the kids paint them. It is an affordable room update, that should keep them busy for at least one day during the summer holidays.

15. Mastermind a smart storage system

Easy children's room ideas

Help kids get dressed on their own each morning, by labelling drawers and baskets with each day of the week. Pop an outfit in each one at the start of the week and they’ll be able to grab everything they need to get themselves all sorted.

16. Add fairy lights for a cosy atmosphere

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Image credit: David Giles

String fairy lights across the wall as an alternative to a bedside lamp. They will be perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere as you get your child ready for bed. You can get them in a range of designs from copper cages to paper lanterns, they are bound to light up any kids bedroom.

17. Consider adding an indoor climbing wall

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Image credit: Colin Poole

Inspire a sense of adventure with a mini climbing wall. Attach a couple of sheets of plywood to the wall, add a few climbing holds and paint a simple mountain range at the bottom. Add a heap of cushions at the base for a softer landing.

18. Keep things tidy with open shelf storage

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Image credit: David Brittain


Open storage is a great way to keep a bedroom looking neat, while allowing your kids to find exactly the toy they are looking for, without shouting for your help every five minutes. Go for simple shelving, box shelves and deep floor-boxes to keep clutter at bay. Peg rails are also very handy when it comes to keeping gym backs, musical instruments, bows and swords of the floor.

19. Make a splash with a sunny desk lamp

Image credit: Maisons du Monde

Source: https://www.idealhome.co.uk/

Easy children's room ideas

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