49 DIYs for a Kid's Room

Decorating a kid's room can be really fun! Don't be afraid to play with whimsical themes, bright colors and bold styles. These DIY projects are great decor ideas for decorating a kid's room. Make your child's space feel special and personalized for them with one or many of these projects!

1. DIY Plush Animal Mat

High angle view of a DIY Plush Animal Mat
A Beautiful Mess

Instead of a typical rug, give your child an adorable plush animal mat for them to play on. With a bit of sewing, you can make a lion rug out of furry tan fabric and some upholstery fringe in just one afternoon.

DIY Plush Animal Mat from A Beautiful Mess


2. DIY Giant Balloon Stuffed Animal

DIY Giant Balloon Stuffed AnimalLittle Inspiration

Kids love cute balloon animals, so make them one that will never pop with this great DIY.

DIY Giant Balloon Stuffed Animal from Little Inspiration


3. DIY House Bed

DIY House Bed
The House Of Wood

Instead of a typical bed frame, construct one to look like a house instead. This clever DIY bed is perfect, as it can be used as a playhouse during the day. It's also a clever twist on the traditional canopy bed and will look great in any child's room.

DIY House Bed from The House of Wood


4. DIY Neon Animal Wall Hooks

DIY Neon Animal Wall Hooks
Say Yes

Use plastic toy animals to make some wall hooks for some extra storage.

DIY Neon Animal Wall hooks from Say Yes


5. DIY Reclaimed Wood Bed

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bed
The House of Wood

Once your children have outgrown their cribs, give them their own homemade gorgeous bed to sleep on. Using reclaimed wood, you can make a bed frame inspired by West Elm. The amazing DIY project provides building instructions for a twin, full, queen or king, so you can build the exact bed size you need.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Bed from The House of Wood


6. DIY Wood Toy Bins

DIY Wood Toy Bins
The Merrythought

These wooden toy bins are much more stylish then the plastic trunks you find at the toy store.

DIY Wood Toy Bins from The Merrythought


7. DIY Toddler Table

DIY Toddler Table
The Sweetest Occasion

Give a fun makeover to a thrifted toddler table for this DIY.

DIY Toddler Table from The Sweetest Occasion


8. DIY Giant Chalkboard

DIY Giant Chalkboard
The Merrythought

Making a giant chalkboard is super easy, and kids will love drawing on it. 

DIY Giant Chalkboard from The Merrythought


9. DIY Book Bin

DIY Book Bin
This Little Street

Help your child to develop a love of reading by building them their very own library area. This small book bin is the perfect height for your child to grab a book to read, and–best of all–it's easy to build!

DIY Book Bin from This Little Street


10. DIY Felt Cloud Wall Decor

DIY Felt Cloud Wall Decor
Damask Love

Add some playful wall decor with this sweet felt cloud.

DIY Felt Cloud Wall Decor from Damask Love


11. DIY Cactus Stool

DIY Cactus Stool
Oh Oh Blog

Give the illusion of a large potted plant with this cactus stool.

DIY Cactus Stool from Oh Oh Blog


12. DIY Painted Wallpaper

DIY Painted Wallpaper
A Beautiful Mess​

Go bold in your kid's room with a hand-painted wallpaper design of cats, cameras, pizza, and candy.

DIY Painted Wallpaper from A Beautiful Mess


13. DIY Toy Storage Crates

DIY Toy Storage Crates
A Bubbly Life​

Add some creative toy storage crates to your child's room for the perfect spot to store toys and stuffed animals.

DIY Toy Storage Creates from A Bubbly Life


14. DIY Framed Candy

DIY Framed Candy
Damask Love

Try this candy art DIY for a spectacular display in your child's room.​

DIY Framed Candy from Damask Love


15. DIY No Sew Star Pillow

DIY No Sew Star Pillow
A Bubbly Life​

No sewing skills required to make these sweet star pillows.

DIY No-Sew Star Pillow from A Bubbly Life


16. DIY Platform Twin Bed

DIY Platform Twin Bed
The House Of Wood

This platform bed is the perfect size for your growing child.

DIY Platform Twin Bed from The House of Wood


17. DIY Heart Bookends

DIY Heart Bookends
A Bubbly Life

Add some sparkle to your son or daughter's bedroom with these DIY heart bookends.

DIY Heart Bookends from A Bubbly Life


18. DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

DIY Bookcase Dollhouse
A Bubbly Life

Convert a small bookcase into a dollhouse with this creative project.

DIY Bookcase Dollhouse from A Bubbly Life


19. DIY Felt Banner

DIY Felt Banner
Francois Et Moi

For some easy decor, hang a DIY felt banner in your kid's room. This DIY that says "my heart" in French will take under 30 minutes to make.

DIY Felt Banner from Francois Et Moi


20. DIY Stay Little Forever Art

DIY Stay Little Forever Art
Bre Purposed

This 'stay little forever' DIY is the perfect way to add some art to a young child's bedroom.

DIY Stay Little Forever Art from Bre Purposed 


21. DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging

DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging
Imagine Gnats

Add a burst of color to your son or daughter's room with a lovely rainbow wall hanging.

DIY Rainbow Wall Hanging from Imagine Gnats


22. DIY Teddy Bear Rug

DIY Teddy Bear RugWe Lived Happily Ever After

This DIY teddy bear rug is perfect for your child's room, as it will give them a soft spot to sit on while they play with their toys.

DIY Teddy Bear Rug from We Lived Happily Ever After


23. DIY Diagonal Painted Accent Wall

DIY Diagonal Painted Accent Wall
Lovely Indeed

Add some color to your child's bedroom by painting a diagonal accent wall.

DIY Diagonal Painted Accent Wall from Lovely Indeed


24. DIY Play Kitchen

DIY Play Kitchen

Give an amazing makeover to Ikea's play kitchen by adding a wood countertop and a tile backsplash. 

DIY Play Kitchen from Babiekins


25. DIY Rocking Sheep

DIY Rocking Sheep
Sarah Sherman Samuel

Give a fresh look to Ikea's rocking moose by turning it into a furry rocking sheep instead. The more minimalist rocker is perfect for young kids.

DIY Rocking Sheep from​​ Sarah Sherman Samuel


26. DIY Library Wall

DIY Library Wall
The Sweetest Digs

Encourage a life-long love of reading by installing a library wall in your child's room. 

DIY Library Wall from The Sweetest Digs


27. DIY Gold Animal Bookends

DIY Gold Animal Bookends
Damask Love

These DIY gold animal bookends provide a fun way to display your child's favorite reads.

DIY Gold Animal Bookends from Damask Love


28. DIY Cat Face Pillow

Cat Face Pillow
A Beautiful Mess

Update your child's bedding by adding a plush cat face pillow.

DIY Cat Face Pillow from A Beautiful Mess


29. DIY Kid's Art Display

DIY Kid's Art Display
Design Improvised

Create a mini gallery wall to display your child's art with this simple DIY idea.

DIY Kid's Art Display from Design Improvised


30. DIY Wood Toy Bins

DIY Wood Toy Bins
Tell Love and Party

Display your child's toys like art, so they're easy to find.

DIY Wood Toy Bins from ​Tell Love and Party


31. DIY Painted Cloud Pillows

DIY Painted Cloud Pillows
A Bubbly Life

Your child will love this handmade cloud pillow!

DIY Painted Cloud Pillows from A Bubbly Life


32. DIY Animal Art

DIY Animal Art
Squirrelly Minds

Cut animal silhouettes out of scrapbook paper for some wild wall art.

DIY Animal Art from Squirrelly Minds


33. DIY Fabric Storage Bins

DIY Fabric Storage Bins
A Beautiful Mess

These DIY reversible storage bins are perfect for storing stuffed animals. 

DIY Fabric Storage Bins from A Beautiful Mess


34. DIY Just Take a Nap Art

DIY Just Take a Nap Art
The Kiwi in the Clouds

Hang this printable artwork in your young child's bedroom for some easy decor.

DIY Just Take a Tap Art from The Kiwi in the Clouds


35. DIY Heart Pillow

DIY Heart Pillow
Design Love Fest

Toss this DIY heart pillow on a chair or on the bed in your child's room to add a metallic accent.

DIY Heart Pillow from Design Love Fest


36. DIY Faux Rainbow Fur Blanket

DIY Faux Rainbow Fur Blanket
Studio DIY

Kids will adore this soft rainbow fur blanket that is perfect for nap time.

DIY Faux Rainbow Fur Blanket from Studio DIY


37. DIY Rolling Toy Box

DIY Rolling Toy Box
This Little Street

Move your child's toys from the bedroom to the living room, to the playroom and back to the bedroom with this rolling toy box.

DIY Rolling Toy Box from This Little Street


38. DIY Pretzel Pillow

DIY Pretzel Pillow
Studio DIY

This weekend, try making this outstanding pretzel pillow for your child's room.

DIY Pretzel Pillow from Studio DIY


39. DIY Child's Desk

DIY Child's Desk
A Beautiful Mess

Surprise your toddler by adding a small desk to their room. The workspace will allow them plenty of room to work on their art.

DIY Child's Desk from A Beautiful Mess


40. DIY Name Sign

DIY Name Sign
The House of Wood

Personalize your kid's bedroom with a name sign.

DIY Name Sign from The House of Wood


41. DIY Pastel Quilt

DIY Pastel Quilt
A Beautiful Mess

Keep your child warm at night with a cozy pastel quilt that you made them.

DIY Pastel Quilt from A Beautiful Mess


42. DIY Loft Bed

DIY Loft Bed
The House of Wood

Maximize space in a small bedroom by raising the bed and adding a desk underneath. You can build a sturdy loft bed that your son or daughter will love.

DIY Loft Bed from The House of Wood


43. DIY Cardboard Ice Cream Cart

DIY Cardboard Ice Cream Cart
Damask Love

Instead of buying an expensive new toy, make an ice cream cart toy out of cardboard. This fun DIY is sure to entertain kids for hours.

DIY Cardboard Ice Cream Cart from Damask Love


44. DIY Giant Animal Wall Stickers

DIY Giant Wall StickersThis Little Street

Instead of buying wall decals, save money by making some giant animal wall stickers.

DIY Giant Animal Wall Stickers from This Little Street


45. DIY Hula Hoop Tent

DIY Hula Hoop Tent
A Beautiful Mess​

Use a hula hoop to make a small tent, which works perfectly as a reading corner in a bedroom.

DIY Hula Hoop tent from A Beautiful Mess


46. DIY Whiteboard Easel

DIY Whiteboard Easel
Shrimp Salad Circus

Add a whiteboard to your child's room to give them the perfect spot to draw or practice writing on.

DIY Whiteboard Easel from Shrimp Salad Circus


47. DIY Plush Cats and Clouds Mobile

DIY Plush Cats and Clouds Mobile
Squirrelly Minds

Hang this DIY plush cats and clouds mobile over a young infant's bed for some cute nursery decor.

DIY Plush Cats and Clouds Mobile from Squirrelly Minds


48. DIY Best Kid Ever Art

DIY Best Kid Ever Art
Little Inspiration

Download and print one of these six designs for some free art.

DIY Best Kid Ever Art from Little Inspiration


49. DIY Collapsible Play House

DIY Collapsible Play House
A Beautiful Mess

Use large sheets of foam board to make a playhouse that you can collapse and store when not in use. 

DIY Collapsible Play House from A Beautiful Mess

Source: https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/diys-for-a-kids-room-4137964


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