Boomerang December Highlights DStv (CH302)

Boomerang December Highlights DStv (CH302) - 4aKid

Boomerang has some new TV Shows to keep your little ones entertained this December!

dino ranchDino Ranch

 A Step Back in Time

Monday, 13/12/2021 Monday to Friday @ 16:20 CAT

Have you ever imagined a world where humans and dinosaurs live side by side? What would that look like? Meet the Cassidy family, Bo and Jane Cassidy, their adopted children, Jon, Min, Miguel, and a whole lot of dinosaurs at Dino Ranch. This self-sustained ranch also serves as a dinosaur sanctuary where big (and small) exciting things are bound to happen – like when Jon gets spooked by a campfire story about a legendary dinosaur, he doesn’t want to admit to Miguel and Min that he is afraid, then eventually comes clean and learns that his family is there for him whether he’s scared or not. If you believe in the impossible, then you don’t want to miss the brand-new Dino Ranch series launching on Boomerang this December!

Grizzy and the Lemmings

Monday, 6/12/2021 Monday to Friday @ 07:25 CAT

Welcome to Africa

Welcome to Africa Grizzy, the bear, just wants to relax – but those rascally Lemmings have other plans in Grizzy & the Lemmings! Join Grizzy and the most manic tiny animals you’ll ever meet – the Lemmings, as they travel all across the globe to the Mother Continent, Africa. From discovering a magical djembe inside the trunk of a baobab tree to using an elephant’s trunk like a powerful vacuum cleaner, the Lemmings have no interest in letting the big bear get his way. You’ll laugh out loud at the wild antics of these animals as they engage in an endless battle of wits, naps, and the hurling of all sorts of objects. Keep up with all the fun with Grizzy & the Lemmings – on Boomerang!

tom & jerry

Movie Star Special

Monday, 6/12/2021 Monday to Friday @ 07:25 CAT

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays!... Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle all the way, what do I watch on Boomerang for this year’s summer holiday? The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, and the best family Christmas movies are coming to Boomerang this festive season! So, grab your popcorn and cool drinks, and sit in for a festive holiday movie marathon with your best-loved Boomerang Movie Stars! From everyone’s favourite frenemies, Tom and Jerry’s merry mayhem at the North Pole in the new movie, Tom and Jerry: Santa’s Little Helpers, and the tap-dancing penguins in Happy Feet 1 & 2, to The Ant Bully, Space Jam and Lego Scooby-Doo! Blowout Beach Bash, you won’t want to miss out!


Happy Holidays🌟🌈🌞


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