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Dive deep into the Big Blue with Cartoon Network Africa

Dive deep into the Big Blue with Cartoon Network Africa

Catch this brand-new series on Cartoon Network Africa from Monday, 7 March 2022

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Dive deep into the Big Blue with Cartoon Network Africa Come and explore the underwater world where humans live side by side with anthropomorphic sea creatures.

Looking for high stakes adventure, non-stop comedy and a sprinkle of friendship and family values? Well, look no further because Cartoon Network Africa is bringing all the action to your screen with this brand-new comedy adventure, Big Blue

Big Blue follows sibling underwater adventurers Lettie and Lemo and their quirky submarine crew as they explore and protect a vast, ocean-covered planet from ship-stealing crabs, know-it-all jellyfish, a health inspector shark and the murky mass of pollution known as The Blegh! Their underwater life began after a cataclysmic flood led to humans entering the sea to live side by side with aquatic creatures in the Big Blue. Ever since, it’s been a roller coaster ride filled with adventure and mystery as the team must navigate day-to-day challenges such as being stuck on a ship with a crew of different and explosive personalities. 

The actual plot twist comes in when the team rescue a magical ocean fairy stowaway, Bacon Berry, a naïve and empathic toddler-like creature who has incredible water-based superpowers. The story unfolds beautifully as viewers get to watch Lettie and Lemo (who are the crew's captain and science officer, respectively), a laidback turtle named Freddie (the ship's mechanic), a nervous dolphin named Phil (the resident medic), and naïve and empathetic Bacon Berry unravel the mysterious secrets of their underwater universe!

Aimed at kids aged five and up, the 52 x 11-minute 2D animated comedy series was created by Gyimah Gariba, a Ghanian Canadian named by Forbes as one of the ‘15 Young African Creatives Rebranding Africa’ in 2015. Big Blue is produced by Toronto-based powerhouse animation shop Guru Studio, complete with an original theme song created by Grammy-winning music producer Timbaland and his ‘Beatclub’ Team.

“I am hoping to inspire kids watching Big Blue to not only see themselves represented on screen but to also plant a seed in their mind that they can be the heroes of their own lives,” says creator Gyimah Gariba. “The story is based on my childhood and running around with my siblings. We were all different ages but the lessons we learned together defined what family meant to us, and that was all about taking care of each other no matter what.”

Join the comedic action promising plenty of offbeat humour and high-stakes adventure, from Monday, 7 March, Mondays to Fridays at 07:30 CAT, only on Cartoon Network Africa.

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