Fun things to do with kids at the Kruger National Park Part 1

Fun things to do with kids at the Kruger National Park Part 1 - 4aKid

The Kruger National Park is one of South Africa’s best tourist attractions and a definite must see for locals and tourists alike.

With many different activities to choose from, it might get hard to decide on exactly what to do. So we decided to help you find the right fit for you and your family by compiling a list of activities that includes thorough research on past reviews to get a good idea of what can be expected.

A few things that are evident throughout is that the food is amazing, guides are very knowledgeable about animals, plants, history and the area, they made everyone feel safe all the time and great care is taken to ensure that no impact is left by anyone that could have a negative effect on the animals or environment.

Let's get rolling! 

Game Drives at Phalaborwa Gate

Here you can expect to see wild animals and go on game drives (with or without a guide). There is also a reception area and the parking is under large trees that provide adequate shade so your car doesn't overheat. There are clean bathrooms as well as a well stocked curio shop.


Tshokwane Picnic Site

Go feast on some of the incredible food served at their restaurant, the jaffles are highly recommended and the coffee is great! You can also make your own food by renting a "skottel-braai" and if you want to make your own coffee or tea, you can ask for them to refill your kettle or flask with hot water for free. There is also a curio shop and clean bathrooms. You can also enjoy the beautiful view on the veranda that is built around a big tree. 

Nkuhlu Picnic Site

Much like the Tshokwane Picnic Site, you are able to get your family good food and drink here or you can rent a "skottel-braai “. There is also a curio shop with reasonable prices. There is a lot of birds and game to be seen as well as a great view of the Sabie River. It is also worth noting that feeding the animals should not be done as it has severe consequences for both animals and humans in the long run. 

Nkumbe View Site

Here you can get a beautiful panoramic view of the Kruger National Park. You can see a sandbank and possibly animals like crocodiles. There is plenty of parking and it is also close to a seating and picnic area, a small café and shop. 

Kurt Safari

They have very knowledgeable guides to help point out and find some of the most loved and rare animals. They also offer day-safaris as well as overnight safaris ranging from 3-5 day packages and lodge accommodation including meals. Also look out for their 8-day photographic & birding safaris. You can book your stay with them on their website.


Wild Wing Safaris

This company is all about meeting your expectations with tailor-made Safaris, outside dining, open-vehicle game drives and overnight packages ranging from 3-5 days and also a 12-day package that includes the Kruger National Park among other places. They also offer food and lodging.


Nhongo Safaris

They offer day and overnight safaris that can range from 2-7 days. They include accommodation, breakfast, dinner, entry fees and game drives. Unfortunately they don’t allow children under 6 years of age.


Africa Spear Kruger Park Safaris

They offer day, morning & afternoon tours which includes the Kruger National Park Conservation Fee. They also offer overnight safari packages for up to 7 days and 6 nights. They also offer different accommodation packages including luxury, classic, saver & camping. Camping excludes meals, so if you choose this option, remember to pack your snacks.


Legend Safaris

This is another company that offers customized packages to suit your needs and budget. However if you don't want to do the whole planning and research part, you can also select one of their existing packages that they have available. What also stands out with this company is that they offer fully halaal catering on selected safaris & tours.


There are so many companies with so much to offer that we couldn’t add them all in one article and you will have to read part two of this article for the rest!

Also make sure that you and your kids take loads of pictures by buying them a small digital kid's camera on your favourite online store, Safe travels!

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