Johannesburg Parent Inspires Others to Help with the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Jan 25 , 2019

Johannesburg Parent Inspires Others to Help with the Fight Against Childhood Cancer

Be Tiny But Mighty by supporting International Childhood Cancer Day – donate blood and support cupcakes of hope. 

International Childhood Cancer Day takes place on 15th February 2019, and although the fight against childhood cancer sadly doesn’t keep a ‘calendar’, celebrating this day helps families like the Beveridge’s turn the attention on the reality associated with this awful disease and the devastation left in its wake; by sharing their story of hope that can encourage others to do their bit by being like #TinyTheMighty and #COHbakeadifference.

The Beveridge’s – from Dainfern, Johannesburg; had to suffer the unthinkable as, only 6-weeks after his initial diagnosis, their 9-month old baby boy, Keiran passed away from an aggressive type of childhood cancer known as AML Leukaemia.  Faced with this loss, Keiran’s mom, Natalie and his family undertook to weave his story into the tapestry of their family life story by making it something beautiful, and have inspired a extraordinary movement of love as people from within their family and friends’ circle – as well as perfect strangers, united and either donated blood through Natalie’s SANBS supported blood drive in September 2018 with Cupcakes of Hope and he again in November last year. 

“Through the ordeal of having to (very quickly) get up to speed and understand the needs of children undergoing chemotherapy treatment (check out Cupcakes of Hope’s Early Warning Signs here), we very soon realised the devastating shortage South Africa has of blood needed for the transfusions associated with the aggressive treatment program,” says Natalie. “Having stood on the side-lines of Keiran’s journey, unable to do anything more than we were, we soon learned to appreciate the tiniest things that have the capacity to make the biggest impact – which is testament to our #TinyTheMighty’s inspired blood drive that saw 254 people – 80% of which were new donors, make their donation.” 

Natalie will be initiating the next #TinyTheMighty blood drive on the 23rd and 24th of February between 9am-3pm at Dainfern Golf Estate in conjunction with her own Cupcakes of Hope party. To encourage others to donate blood with #TinyTheMighty and #COHbakeadifference with Cupcakes of Hope, KitchenAid is giving away a gorgeous mixer valued at R10,000 to one lucky winner who hosts their own Cupcakes of Hope ‘bake’ a difference initiative on International Childhood Cancer Day on 15th February 2019.

For more info visit the Cupcakes of Hope’s website, follow them on Facebook or email Join Keiran’s legacy by visiting his Facebook page @KeiranKickingCancer   and get down to the Dainfern Golf Estate on the 23rd and 24th of February between 9am-3pm for the  SANBS, #TinyTheMighty blood drive.

“It is through this abundant display of love that I have committed to honouring my son in everything I do!” – Natalie Beveridge, Keiran’s Mom


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