50 THINGS every mum should keep in the car

Jun 17 , 2019

50 THINGS every mum should keep in the car

Mum’s like to be prepared. Staying one step ahead of the mess, an impending tantrum or the unpredictable weather is the aim of the game.

1. Wipes and tissues

2. Nappies

3. A change of clothes (especially undies)

4. A spare top for mum

5. Singing voice

6. Snacks in re-sealable packaging

7. Bib

8. First aid kit

9. Car sickness bags

10. Spare sun hats and sunscreen

11. Picnic blanket

12. Frisbee

13. Umbrellas or ponchos

14. Large ziploc bags

15. ‘Busy bag’ games

16. Towel

17. Hair elastics and clips

18. Sanity

19. Water pop tops

20. Plastic bags

21. In-car phone charger

22. Kids’ music

23. Deodorant

24. A roll of paper towel or a chamy

25. Reusable shopping bags

26. Distraction techniques

27. Hand sanitiser

28. Teething toys

29. Seat organiser

30. Dummy

31. Blankets

32. Pen and paper

33. Protective covers

34. Spray bottle for hot days

Read the rest of the list here: https://mumsgrapevine.com.au/2019/05/car-checklist/

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