Jul 08 , 2019

Survival CPR

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Survival CPR was established in 2001 and is passionate about teaching parents; teachers; domestic workers etc how to save lives!

Included in their course, Survival CPR offers Safety; SIDS; Baby Medications; Temperatures; Febrile convulsions; Poisons; Allergic reactions; Burns; Stings; Bites; Bleeds etc

The course is certified and endorsed by the Resus Council of South Africa and the American Heart Association.

Discovery Awards 2500 Vitality points for completing our Course.

Their instructors are all highly qualified ICU and Trauma sisters.

Courses offered:

  • Carer Course
  • Discovery Vitality Survival CPR Course
  • Domestic CPR & First Aid
  • Infant & Child CPR & First Aid
  • Level 1 First Aid
  • Level 2 First Aid
  • Medical Professionals
  • Private Courses

You will find their courses and can book online on their website: www.survivalcpr.co.za or https://www.facebook.com/CPRsurvival/ OR 0828961820

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