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Breastfeeding Tips – Kate’s top 5 4aKid

Breastfeeding Tips – Kate’s top 5

Breastfeeding Help By Australian International Board Certified Lactation Consultant Kate Hale. How To Care For A New-born, Including How To Deeply Latch Your Baby And Breastfeed Without Pain Within Minutes For A Contented Baby And An End To Sore Nipples.

1. We keep hearing ‘breast is best’! Well, yes it is for all the right reasons, starting with the colostrum. This fantastic first milk your baby will get after it is born, is packed full of antibodies, designed to help stop your baby getting sick in the early months. It will also provide your baby with the perfect recipe feed. So, my tip is give breastfeeding a go!

2. A lot of mums start breastfeeding in hospital, only to find they end up with grazed, sore nipples. Sadly, when you’re sore and tired it is easy to decide you don’t want to breastfeed. So, my next tip is, learn how to get the attachment or latch right!

3. It is always difficult to work out how much milk our baby has had at a breastfeed. When we can work it out a bit we have more confidence with our feeding. So, try and ‘learn’ your breasts!

4. Watch how your baby is sucking and swallowing. They are supposed to have pauses and rests through the feed. You want to be able to see some good swallowing as well. So, ‘learn’ your baby.

5. When you understand as much as possible about what you are doing at a breastfeed, you will feel more in control with the way you manage your baby. So, trust your own confidence and’ gut feeling

Breastfeed your newborn without pain within minutes. Give yourself and your baby the best healthy start with our set of Breastfeeding help videos. Expert advice from internationally renowned lactation expert and nurse Kate Hale.

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