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Do babies dream? 4aKid

Do babies dream?

The short answer is we don’t know. But babies do spend more time in REM sleep than adults, and REM is where dreaming happens for us. But that doesn’t mean they dream. “Infants are not tiny adults, they don’t have the same abilities or experiences we have,” writes neuroscientist Fabian van den Berg on Quora. “It’s comparing a human to a cat, monkey, or alien. They do become like us, eventually, but they aren’t like us yet.” That said, some believe that babies have their own versions of dreams, and may use dreaming to process all the information they take in while awake. But because of what van den Berg describes as the experience of “just pure sensory information” that babies live in, their dreams, if they have them, likely won’t be about themselves. Self-awareness and sense of self come later.


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