The Best Healthy Diet for You

Dec 13 , 2016

The Best Healthy Diet for You

The Best Healthy Diet for You. Want to try a new diet to lose weight and you not sure which one’s the best for you?

Check out our diet comparison chart:

Whichever weight loss plan interests you, be sure to first discuss it with your primary health care provider.


You’d better like:

What’s got to go:

Ideal for:

Not ideal for:

Wheat-Free/Gluten-Free Diet

Wheat Belly, Grain Brain, The G-Free Diet

Nut flours, vegetables, and ancient grains Everything in the bread aisle People with celiac disease, carbophobes People who don’t read labels

Plant-Based Diet

Forks Over Knives, Eat to Live, The Kind Diet, The China Study

Beans, tofu Meat, real cheese Supermodels, animal rights activists Steakhouse hounds

The Fat-Burning Diet

The New Abs Diet, The Flat Belly Diet, From Belly Fat to Belly Flat, The L.A. Shape Diet

Smoothies 800+ calories a day Sit-up fanatics, aspiring swimsuit models Those who get hangry (hungry-angry)

The Low-Carb Diet

The Dukan Diet, The 100, Dr. Atkins’ New Diet Revolution, South Beach Diet

Eating animals (meat, poultry, fish) Pasta, beer, dessert Butchers, blood-sugar watchers Athletes, cookie monsters, cholesterol-concerned

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet, The Anti-Inflammation Zone, The Inflammation Free Diet Plan

Chile peppers, ginger, garlic French fries, fatty cuts of meat Fans of international food, antiaging obsessives Fish-phobics, people with nut allergies

The Mediterranean Diet

The New Sonoma Diet, The Mediterranean Diet, The Omega Diet, The New Mediterranean Diet Cookbook

Olive oil Processed food, supersized portions Farmers’ market fanatics Drive-through devotees, butter-burger addicts


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