What can you do or use to stimulate breastmilk?

What can you do or use to stimulate breastmilk? - 4aKid

Question asked on 4 A Kid Facebook page ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/4-A-Kid/156121949758 ):
What can you do or use to stimulate breastmilk?

Answers from 4aKid fans;

Tanya Santo Kruss Relax! Stress is the main reason why milk production is delayed.
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Amor Herbst Agree with the moms, she’s probably still producing Colostrum (which they mix with Nan Pre-birth anyway). She should stick with expressing every 2 hrs, it will come in by day 4 latest! Once it comes in, she should time expression to 10min per side to a…See More
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Jacqui Beytel Same happened to me. Baby was born at 32 weeks and no milk at all. See need to tell her gynae or the staff in NICU. Eglynol is a mild anti depression which increases milk but shouldn’t be used for extended periods. She can also use prolac (natural product) together with eglynol for the 1st few days to get the milk going and then to stop the eglynol. Lots and lots of rest, lots of fluids, and to express every 3 hours even if nothing comes out. She will need to set her alarm and express during the night as well. Good luck.
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Jacqui Beytel And electric pump – will make her life much easier.
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Surika Fourie Eglynol helps, but you need the baby to suck to stimulate the milk. If you express all the time, no milk will come out, as baby needs to stimulate. Also, lots of fluids… you need the fluids to help produce the milk
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Kath Harries Stevens She needs to use a hospital-grade pump – a lactation consultant will be able to help her with this, and will probably be able to rent her one as well. She also needs to get as much rest as she can (which is tough with an nicu baby), and drink lots of water. Jungle juice does help, but otherwise definitely take the rescue (which will help her deal with stress, which also affects milk production).
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Shevon Brymer take eglynol (need script from gynae or paed) and express as often as she can as this is the most natural way to stimulate milk
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Dominique Ray Mc Crudden Everyone suggested jungle juice to me it really worked perhaps its because of the stress that this is happening jungle juice rehydrates you and helps a lot its made with blackberry exliksor, apple or grape juice rehydrate powder, water and a few drops of rescue really helped me
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Jodene Thring Cochrane The hospital gave me tablets to bring on my milk.
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Margo Prowse Expressing in a hot bath helped me.
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Chantelle Engelbrecht van Deventer If she wants a more natural product, Feelgood health’s Website has a product-” Nature’s milk drops” – worked well for me. Jungle juice is also a good option.
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Katherine Brookes My baby was also in NICU and I also struggled to get my milk started. The NICU staff told me to try to express every 2 hours, day and night, even if nothing was coming out. I set my cell phone alarm every 2 hours. I was put onto eglonol, and also took some Alfalfa drops in water from the health shop. Lots of liquids, and try to rest as much as possible – although this is very hard when you want to be at your baby’s side in the NICU. Keep trying, it’s so worth it. I was also so motivated to keep trying once they started adding the little bits of milk I had managed to express to my baby’s feeding tube. My milk did eventually come in fully and I went on to breastfeed naturally for a further 9 months when my baby came out of NICU. Good luck!
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Vickie Whitehead try not to stress, the NICU nurses were moaning at me because i couldn’t express much, only a little bit for the first few days but actually it’s normal for the milk to take a few days to ‘come in’
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Bianca Bulcock Expressing is hard, but if u want something to give u lots of milk, use a bag me hydrol it makes one litre with about 15 drops of rescue and 2 table spoons me berry elixer. That gets the milk flowing and then carry on with the berry elixer and rescue. Cause to express anything u need to be calm and dont even think about it! The more u worry about expressing the longer it will take! But i also agree with the eglanol cause she is in a stressful situation.
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Bernice Bruwer Jungle juice works really well, and you can actually express all the time, you do not need baby to stimulate milk production. Just need a good lactation (electrical) machine, you can rent it if you don’t want to buy one.
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Tasneem Chilwan-Soni The jungle juice def works. There is a tablet called eglynol…not sure of spelling….this helps as well.
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Whitney Natalie Johnson Stoney cooldrink
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Malarie Pather  
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Jana Mare Rooibostea




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