Best Baby Products June 2019

Best Baby Products June 2019 - 4aKid

Felt Nappy Organisers

These Felt Nappy Organisers are the most essential accessory for busy Moms!

Keep your baby essentials as well as your products perfectly organized in these Felt Nappy Organisers. Everything you need for baby is combined in one stylish as well as versatile diaper caddy organiser. Use on the changing table, in the crib or on the go.

Made from high quality felt fabric with a soft touch edge. It includes removable organizing inserts in order to keep all changing essentials close by.

Available in black or grey

Baby Water Play Mat

Encourage tummy time play while stimulating your toddler’s imagination at the same time with this ocean theme Baby Water Play Mat.

This interactive Baby Water Play Mat is full of tropical fish as well as floating toys that are sure to keep your toddler occupied! Watch them try to grasp the toys while amusing themselves with this make-belief ocean right under their nose. This mat is made from odour free high-quality BPA-free heavy duty PVC material. Simply fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with tap water, place on the floor and let the fun begin!

Baby Bib with Dummy Clip

Keep your baby’s dummy or teethers at ‘bibs’ reach with this Blue Baby Bib with Dummy Clip!

Bibs and pacifiers are an essential daily accessory for babies and toddlers, with this Blue Baby Bib and Dummy clip you can combine them. This bib is super absorbent and will keep your precious one dry from dribble and their clothes clean, not to mention the cutest look. In addition, it has a convenient clip on the bottom of the bib to attach a pacifier. So, no need to worry anymore about pacifiers dropping on the floor and getting dirty or going missing! A light-weight teether can also be attached.

Available in blue, pink and neutral



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