Moms Top Picks for June 2019

Moms Top Picks for June 2019 - 4aKid

Mom’s Picks of the week: Best overall baby and toddler products – Chosen by You!

Meet the 4akid product winners of June 2019. From Products for Mom, Feeding on-the-go, Bathroom Essentials, Wooden Educational Toys and so much more. If you’re wondering which of these mom’s picks are champions, take a look at our “chosen products for June 2019” checklist.

Moms Top Picks for June 2019

  1. Kinetic Slime Kit

Make your own cosmic slime with this Kinetic Slime Kit.

This Kinetic Slime Kit is fun and easy to create slime without the mess. Simply combine the slime powder, glitter and water into the shaker cup then shake! Voila… the shiniest slime around. No glue required.

It includes a surprise figure which you can add to the slime.

  1. Pink Minnie Mouse Plate & Cutlery Set

Let Minnie entertain your toddler during meal-times with her very own Pink Minnie Mouse Plate & Cutlery Set!

The plate is made from wheat straw material, making this Pink Minnie Mouse Plate & Cutlery Set eco-friendly, light-weight as well as durable. This dish is perfect for little hands. With 3 separate compartments, this dish allows your toddler to see as well as identify different foods. In addition to this, deconstructing meals can help increase a child’s willingness to try new foods.

  1. Bunny Pop-Up Play Tent

Ideal for indoors and outdoors, this pop-up Bunny Play Tent will keep the kids entertained for hours!

With a roomy interior, this Bunny Play Tent allows kids to play, crawl as well as jump around. The bright colours will encourage imagination, promotes as well as facilitates creative and pretend play. Adding pillows and some string light make this tent ideal for story-time!

It has a door curtain that can you can roll up for easy access as well as mesh material on the sides so parents can keep a safe eye on them. Made with breathable material and colourful prints.

Also Available in:

  • Elephant Pop-Up Play Tent
  • Car Pop-Up Play Tent
  1. Unicorn Cat Kids Backpack

This Kids Unicorn Cat Backpack is too adorable and pur-fect and a must have to add to your bag collection!

Perfect for school, travel, sleepovers and other activities, this Kids Unicorn Cat Backpack includes playful colours and more storage space for additional comfort, function, and fun. Made from nylon, makes this bag waterproof as well as lightweight.

From dazzling travel accessories to fabulous school gear, your style will definitely be a showstopper!

  1. Honey Bee Lamp

This adorable Honey Bee Lamp is as cute as can BEE!

With a flexible neck and 3 strengths of light, simply twist the Honey Bee Lamp to different heights and angles. Ideal for nightly check-ins, reading or simply creating a calm environment before bedtime.

With a touch-sensitive switch and dimmable brightness, this natural LED buzzing lamp is eye-friendly as well as reduces eye fatigue.

  1. 21pc Toy Toolbox

If there’s something that’s broken, this delightful 21pc Toy Toolbox will encourage the little man of the house to fix it.

This 21pc Toy Toolbox is just the thing every little handyman or lady needs to start on their very own DIY projects. It includes a hammer, saw, wrench, long nose pliers, screwdriver, 2 rulers (1x L-shaped and 1x straight). Additional accessories such as a wood piece, plates, screws, washers and nails complete the set. The nifty toolbox handle also doubles up as a measuring ruler, which can be taken off and put back when done measuring. The set is lots of fun to play with and everything can conveniently be put away back in the box for a quick and easy cleanup.

  1. Magic Flow Ring

This Magic Flow Ring is a fun and interactive toy that will occupy you for hours!

Watch this Magic Flow Ring magically and effortlessly rolls down your arm. Better yet, challenge yourself to slide it down one arm and skillfully pass it on the other arm. Because it moves with kinetic energy, this ring works on the principles of science. It is made with a single continuous strand of stainless steel that is coiled up into many rings, it folds flat and then pops open, surprising everyone!

In addition, it helps with stress and anxiety relief. In addition, it is a great toy for fidgeters to help stay focused as well as combat sensory issues.  Use at home, at work to simply have fun or use an alternate fidget toy.

  1. Creative Power Machine Series – Smart Robot

The Smart Robot has everything you need to build a fun and functional robot!

This incredible Smart Robot will speed around your house, turning left or right like magic. Watch it change direction when it encounters an obstacle. Challenge this robot with a maze and watch it escape. Your child imagination can fly wild!

No special tools required. The kit contains instructions and all the necessary parts.

  1. 80 pc Pink Shopping Cart with Play Food

Go shopping with this Pink Shopping Cart and stock up your play kitchen with everything you need to whip up a fabulous meal!

This Pink Shopping Cart includes 80pcs of accessories your toddler will need to encourage their imagination. Your kids will love the endless hours of play this colourful cart has to offer. Everything you need for a hearty home-cooked meal to scrumptious desserts. Let their imaginations shop wild! Equipped with realistic looking food items, this set will promote a healthy lifestyle with a section of nutritious foods.

  1. Brite Light Soap Dispenser

Kids, as well as guests, will absolutely love using this Brite Light Soap Dispenser to wash their hands!

This water-resistant motion-sensor Brite Light Soap Dispenser will emit a soft glow making night-time visits to the bathroom a more comforting experience for kids. It senses darkness and also motions up to 10 feet and switches on and the light will turn on/off automatically. Simply add your favourite hand soap, body washes as well as lotions or even shampoo and conditioner. This multi-purpose dispenser will encourage cleanliness.



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