Leave a Product Review & Win a R250 Voucher

Apr 21 , 2019

Leave a Product Review & Win a R250 Voucher

Did you know that you stand the chance to win an R250 voucher from 4aKid every month just by leaving a product review on our website?

You can either fill it in yourself OR you can direct your clients to the website using your affiliate link.

On every product listing, there is a REVIEW tab. Click on the tab REVIEWS and leave your review there. From there, I will approve the comment and it will reflect thereafter. See below. The winner is chosen on the first of every month. See pics below as an example.

You can view all the products here: https://www.4akid.co.za/shop/.


  • 21 Apr 2019 Vuyi Shabangu

    I highly recommend that all moms (new moms, mom to be) get the All-in-one best diaper bag, it has a lots of pockets to accommodate everything you will need for your baby when going somewhere, and it well organized and portable, you can also put your phone in there is best to have it. Even baby milk bottles have a place there and kept warm

  • 21 Apr 2019 Buhle Mngwevu

    This site is actually really good. The ‘How to say no to a child in a positive way’ was an eye opener.

  • 21 Apr 2019 Chané

    Thank you so much for the awesome Halloween Hamper. My little one enjoyed it so much!

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