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Childhood may be a carefree time, but it still has its challenges. Children are busy developing emotionally and it is common for them to be easily upset – especially in the younger years when emotions may be volatile. Every day accidents and events may include a fall in the playground or a sibling snatching a biscuit – minor events for adults but major calamities for young children, whose emotions may change from moment to moment! One minute there may be floods of tears and the next a big toothless smile!

Emotions tend to be very volatile in little ones and they are still learning the skills to deal with frustration and disappointment. This means that even the smallest of events can cause them untold amounts of distress. How many times as a parent have you heard horrendous crying and rushed to your child, expecting some serious injury, only to discover that their favourite toy has fallen behind the bed or Dave the dog has chewed Daisy the doll! While this is all perfectly normal for young children, parents sometimes need a little extra help dealing with the intensity of children’s emotions, especially when they are inconsolable, upset and distraught!

The natural way

Young children are still learning to express themselves in words and when they feel upset, this feeling is so overwhelming for them that they simply cannot find words to say how they feel – hence the floods of tears and wailing that ensues!

You can help by holding your child and telling them how they feel, in words. Keep your voice soft and steady to help your child feel secure and be reassuring. Don’t tell your child to be quiet or to stop crying as this will probably cause children to cry for longer in frustration or to be sure you understand. Younger children respond well to distraction, and this is also an excellent tactic to deflect attention away from the upsetting event – following a bird or catching a bouncing ball will soon bring the smiles out again!

How can Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles help?

Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles are very easy to administer and are quickly absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth for rapid relief. When children are screaming or crying inconsolably, it is virtually impossible to get them to swallow anything so Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles is the ideal on-the-spot remedy for upset children.

Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles contains 100% homeopathic ingredients that are safe and natural and are effective and well-known remedies for shock, trauma and anxiety.

Like all Feelgood Health products, Mom’s Magic Sprinkles have been developed with care by our Clinical Psychologist and are manufactured according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. Individual ingredients are well-researched and have been specially chosen for their high safety profile in children’s’ remedies.


Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles contains the following carefully chosen homeopathic ingredients in therapeutic dosages:

  • Aconite (30C) is a proven homeopathic remedy that is traditionally used to alleviate the sudden fears, anxiety and restlessness that can result from frights and traumatic experiences. Aconite is particularly effective when taken at the onset of the distress.
  • Chamomilla (30C) is a calming homeopathic remedy used for irritability and in times when your child is difficult to soothe. Chamomilla is particularly effective when the emotional reaction seems out of proportion to the situation or event.
  • Arnica (6C) is the leading homeopathic remedy for accidents, trauma, shock and injury. In fact, Arnica was part of the essential first aid kit carried by all German soldiers during World War II. Not only will Arnica address emotional distress and fear but, taken early, it will also reduce physical pain, swelling and bruising.
  • Passiflora (D3) this homeopathic ingredient is well-known as a natural calmative. Suited to nervous or restlessness children, this remedy can be particularly helpful when soothing a distressed child.
  • Scutellaria (D3) in homeopathic potency this ingredient focuses on allaying fears and addressing tensions and worries, making it the perfect homeopathic remedy for fretful children.
  • Sucrose (inactive ingredient)

How have Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles helped others?

“This remedy should be a compulsory part of any family’s first aid kit. I use Mom’s Magic Sprinkles in my family often and they really work – fast! And the kids love them! Thank you for a fantastic product.” – Samantha

“We were at a children’s birthday party last month and my son, who is 4, fell out of the tree he was climbing. While I was trying to hold onto Devon and calm him down the birthday boy’s mom rushed out with your Magic Trauma Sprinkles and quickly sprinkled some in his mouth. Within minutes he was much calmer and, after the next dose, was back on his feet again. Even the bruising wasn’t as bad as I expected. Needless to say I have now placed an order with you.”
– G Everson

I have been using Mom’s Magic Trauma Sprinkles at home for all sorts of little things. Sadly, a few months ago, I lost my mother very unexpectedly. My children were very close to her and I knew that it would be difficult to break the news. With the help of your Magic Sprinkles they were easier to console and we were able to deal with this extremely emotional time just that little bit better.”
– Thankful Mom 

*** Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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