Moms Top Picks For The Month Of April

Moms Top Picks For The Month Of April - 4aKid

Mom’s Picks of the week at 4aKid

Best overall baby and toddler products – Chosen by You!

Meet the 4akid product winners of  2019. South Africa's best baby products and children's toys. From Products for Mom, Feeding on-the-go, Bathroom Essentials, Wooden Educational Toys and so much more. If you’re wondering which of these mom’s picks are champions, take a look at our “chosen products for April 2019” checklist.

List of our best 4aKid products

  1. My First Sewing Machine – Purple

My First Sewing Machine will let your child’s creativity shine through!

My First Sewing Machine will make sewing all your personal needs so much easier. Mending as well as creating masterpieces for yourself or as memorable gifts isn’t wishful thinking anymore. You can do it all.

Your child might have a real interest in sewing just as like you, which means you need a great starter sewing machine that will help develop this skill. Now you can make repairs to clothing, curtains as well as bedding and more!

Compact, portable and ideal for arts and crafts projects, this machine can sew with all kinds of fabrics like silk, denim or leather for the perfect look.

  1. Bump n’ Go Learning Plane

Is your toddler ready for take-off? Let your child fly their way to fun times with the cute Bump and Go Learning Plane.

The Bump and Go Learning Plane is able to move forward and left and right with colourful lights and sounds. The plane comes in two modes, the learning mode and the music mode. While in the learning mode, your child will learn letters, numbers and basic words and phrases and while in music mode, your child can push buttons to hear different melodies. While having a blast, your little one will develop motor skills, dexterity and learn how to play independently.

  1. Dream Light – DOG

This Dog Dream Lite pillow pet makes bedtime fun but creates a calming environment at the same time.

Transform your child’s bedroom into a starry sky instantly with the amazing Dog Dream Lite pillow. A beautiful glow projects onto the bedroom ceiling at night so they can fall asleep to a view of wonderful images instead of a traditional night light. It features an automatic shut off so that it goes off after 20 minutes if you choose for safety.

  1. Reusable Wet Wipes Pouch (Assorted Designs)

These Reusable Wet Wipe Pouches are fun and snazzy as well as keeps your wipes moist and ready to use.

Attach to your diaper bag, stroller or handbag, these Reusable Wet Wipe Pouches are lightweight and portable for easy and convenient use. Ideal pouch for wet wipes, face wipes, flushable toilet wipes, or makeup remover wipes.

With a flip-top opening, this pouch makes grabbing wipes effortless for those quick clean-ups and includes a sturdy ribbon strap that snaps to bags or strollers.

  1. Pink Unicorn Backpack Baby Bag

Add a pinch of magic while on-the-go with this Pink Unicorn Backpack Baby Bag!

This Pink Unicorn Backpack Baby Bag is both stylish as well as luxurious. It has a large capacity space to carry both babies as well as mommy necessities. Simply put, this is an awesome baby bag. Carry all your baby necessities while shopping or while travelling.

  1. Wooden Tea Set

Tea time with this classic Wooden Tea Set is the perfect time to take a break and talk with a friend.

Children always love having a tea party! Now they can really enjoy it with this beautiful Wooden Tea Set that includes everything you need to have a posh cup of tea! Cherry set includes a teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, two cups, saucers, teaspoon, tea bags and tray!

  1. Orange Stunt Dancer

Watch this awesome Orange Stunt Dancer perform extreme 360° tumbling and spinning action!

With a few tricks up its sleeve, this Orange Stunt Dancer can dance both indoors as well as outdoors on all different terrains. Use the remote control to steer the car at a speed of up to 7km/h. There is a USB cable to charge the battery for 4-5 hours, which allows 12-15 minutes of playing time, with a control distance of 20 metres.

  1. Mr Tea (Set of 2)

Mr Tea is a playful and charming gadget to infuse your tea leaves in!

Fun and functional, simply toss Mr tea into your teacup and let him brew-up the perfect cup for you. The silicone material is flexible and easy to handle.

Simply remove off the base of the infuser. Fill with your favourite loose leaf flavour and reattach the infuser. Allow room for the leaves to expand slightly and then place in your mug of hot water and enjoy your perfectly brewed beverage in minutes!

  1. Duck Water Wheel

This Duck Water Wheel is sure to get your kids excited for bath time!

Simply adorable, this Duck Water Wheel is the perfect bath companion for your toddler and will keep them 100% entertained while you wash them. They can use the scooping cup to pour water into the duck’s hat. Then watch in delight as it drains from the mouth and sets the coloured water wheel into motion. Not only is the bath toy fun as well as colourful but it also helps your child develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

  1. Strawberry Kids Make-up Set

This Strawberry Kids Makeup Set is perfect for all those budding makeup artists out there!

With a palette of bright colour blush, eye shadows as well as lipstick, this Strawberry Kids Makeup Set will have your daughter busy for hours glamming herself up. The make-up set is incredibly easy to apply, mess-free & designed to wash right off. This set contains a lovely range of safe, fun cosmetics for children, making it ideal for pretend play.

 Which is your favourite 4aKid product? 

Must-have baby products and kids toys recommended by YOU. Share your favourite 4aKid product and your viewpoint in comments.


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