How to Make a Clover Hot Cross Bun Easter Trifle

Apr 08 , 2020

How to Make a Clover Hot Cross Bun Easter Trifle

Hot cross buns this Easter with a sweet twist! 

Recipe by Josh Wiid 


  • 6 Chocolate Hot Cross Buns, sliced open
  • 250ml Coffee, black
  • 400ml Clover Classic Custard
  • 500ml Clover Fresh Cream
  • 125ml Chocolate Sauce
  • 6 Plain Hot Cross Buns, sliced open
  • 125ml Caramel Sauce
  • Speckled eggs, mini marshmallows and whispers to decorate 


  1. Arrange the top halves of the chocolate buns around the outside of the trifle dish, facing outwards.
  2. Chop the remaining bases into cubes and fill the gap at the base of the dish.
  3. Pour half of the coffee over the buns. Whisk Clover Classic Custard and Clover Cream together until soft peaks begin to form.
  4. Pour half the mix over the chocolate buns.
  5. Pour the chocolate sauce over the whipped cream mixture.
  6. Repeat the bun process with the plain hot cross buns.
  7. Pour the remaining custard mix over the plain buns, then decorate with mini eggs, marshmallows and whispers. 
  8. Refrigerate for 1 hour before serving. 


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