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Make the perfect pizza dough at home with this easy recipe

Make the perfect pizza dough at home with this easy recipe

pizza slice emoji Craving pizza from your favourite pizza restaurant? Don’t despair, you can make your own delicious pizza at home using this easy pizza dough recipe pizza slice emoji 

Get the family together in the kitchen and create your own delicious pizzas with this easy pizza dough recipe. 


  • 150g Sasko Cake Wheat Flour
  • 100g Sasko White Bread Flour
  • 10g sachet instant yeast
  • 1tsp sugar
  • 1tsp salt
  • 1 cup lukewarm water
  • Flour for dusting
  • Toppings of your choice (herbs, tomato, cheese, salami, mushrooms, bacon, pineapple)


  1. Pour all of the dry ingredients into a large bowl and stir together to combine.
  2. Pour in the water and stir with a fork until a bread dough starts to form, then turn out onto a floured surface and bring together to form a ball.
  3. Knead the dough for 6-8 mins until it becomes silky and elastic in texture.
  4. Dust a bowl with Sasko cake wheat flour and put the dough in, cover with a cloth, place in a warm place and leave to rise for 20-30 mins or until it has doubled in size.
  5. Preheat the oven to 240°C.
  6. Beat the dough back down and divide into 3 smaller balls.
  7. Dust a rolling surface with flour, place the dough balls on the flour, cover with a cloth and allow to rise for a further 10-15 mins.
  8. Dust the pizza dough with more flour and roll out to your desired pizza shapes.
  9. Dust a baking tray with flour to prevent pizzas from sticking.
  10. Transfer the pizza base to the baking tray, prick with a fork, top with toppings of your choice and bake in the oven for 7-10 mins or until crisp around the edges and beginning to brown.


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