Connect your brand with local audiences on social media

Connect your brand with local audiences on social media - 4aKid

Create and store editable content for social media, schedule it with AI, run local ads, manage clients or locations, and stay on top of their results with our intelligent products.

Turn your social media publishing from mess into a consistent plan that brings remarkable results. Have an overview all the posts for each page — scheduled, waiting for approval, drafts along with notes. Make your posting schedule intelligent with time slots — put AI in charge.

Automate posting to the main networks

No more manual switching between pages and groups. Schedule and post from social media accounts in multiple networks simultaneously.

Access to 100,000+ social media templates and automatic posting tools

Elevate reach of your posts with AI

Ensure your posts drive results — have them published when your audience’s engagement is at its peak. 

Pre-filled calendar of post ideas for every day, including holidays, historical events and trends.

Recycle successful posts

Set a repetitive period for engagement-driving posts to get results again and again with social media post scheduler.

Access to the automated platform to create, run and manage ads on Facebook and Instagram 

Keep involved in discussions

Use the power of collective mind — share ideas about suggested posts right in the social media publishing calendar. Make comments hidden to keep them inside the team.

Enjoy 6000+ visual post ideas for your social media accounts!


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