Checkers is launching new Lego-like collectables and you can build an entire shop

May 06 , 2019

Checkers is launching new Lego-like collectables and you can build an entire shop

Checkers is launching a new collectables campaign today Monday, 6 May which will allow customers to build their own tiny versions of a Checkers supermarket.

With The Little Checkers promotion , customers receive a “block pack” for every R200 spent in the chain’s stores. There are 35 packs of Little Checkers Building Blocks to collect. Each pack contains instructions, Building Blocks and stickers. Purchase your starter kit with the base plate, the outer walls and overlay needed for the base of your Little Shop.

Little Checkers

As with Checker’s previous collective promotions, you can upgrade for cash. A delivery truck that goes with the store will cost R69.99. Another R79.99 will buy you a starter kit, which includes such extras as a base plate on which to construct the small store and exterior walls.

The standard block packs, meanwhile, include everything from tills to freezers

The blocks that will be given away are “compatible with other leading brands of toy blocks,” Checkers says.

The promotion will run until block packs run out.

Checkers is presenting the Lego-like collectables as fun and reusable toys that will help parents play with their children away from screens. As an adult, you have an important role in play-based activities. Try this activity with your child and you’ll encourage them to share and engage in a collaborative task. 

Little Checkers also comes with a competition with the chance of a share of R50,000 Checkers gift card for those who complete their stores, and a holiday to Legoland in Dubai for four people, which Checkers has valued at about R100,000.

The Checkers Little Shop promotion, which offered miniature versions of everything from bread to washing powder, built a trend following, complete with swap meets for those stuck with too many versions of one brand and not enough of the other.

Last year, Checkers followed that success with its Little Garden kits, which allowed collectors to grow eight types of vegetables, flowers, and herbs, for a collection of 24 plants in total.

Little Checkers will come in slightly more expensive than Little Shop, which came with kits for every R150 spent.

Partners in the My Little Checkers promotion include Liquifruit, Nescafe, Pringles, Weet-Bix, Tru-Cape, Ultra-Mel, Barbie, Maynards, Aquafresh, Aquelle, Beacon, Coty, Country Fresh, Dentyne, Duracell, Glen Tea, Hot Wheels, Huggies, Jik, Johnson’s Baby, KitKat, Nivea, Stimorol, Yardley and Finish.


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